Nov 19, 2021
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Polish politician Szczesnyak spoke about Russia’s “cunning game” with the gas crisis


Polish politician Szczesnyak spoke about Russia's
PJSC Gazprom

According to him, the Russian company fulfills all its obligations and supplies the necessary volumes of gas, which are stipulated in the contracts. At the same time, Moscow stressed the priority of the interests of Russians in the matter of energy supply, reports the Myśl Polska agency.

According to the politician, Gazprom is playing a “cunning game with the gas” crisis. Allegedly, in its “scheme” the company used not only the volumes of fuel supplied to Europe, but also transit routes.

Recently, the stake has been placed on Nord Stream 1, since the Russian leadership has increased gas supplies to the EU via this gas pipeline. In the Ukrainian direction, supplies became less and less.

“This game allowed Gazprom to make good money. So, in the first 6 months, the company’s revenue reached a record $ 10 billion, which is a serious indicator given the fact that in 2020 its losses amounted to $ 3 billion, ”the Polish expert commented.

Earlier, political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko explained how Germany’s contract with Gazprom put an end to the Ukrainian gas transportation system. The expert also clarified that the issue of certification is a formality that will soon be resolved and then the end of the Ukrainian gas transportation system will come.

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