May 6, 2022
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“Polish Leap” to Ukraine: A big cut is just around the corner?

In the photo: a map of the division of Ukraine, shown on a Polish TV channel.

In the photo: a map of the partition of Ukraine, shown on a Polish TV channel. (Photo: screenshot from TVP1 video)

Perhaps no other country on the territory of the former USSR (with the exception of Kazakhstan) has received as many territorial gifts from the Russian authorities as Ukraine. Until 1654, the entire current “nezalezhnaya” was a small piece of land in the Cherkassy region. He was tormented, torn to pieces and poured abundantly with blood by all and sundry – Poles, Krymchaks, Polovtsy, Turks, Nogais …

The same Zaporozhye Cossacks, according to Gogol“a flint of troubles was carved out of the people’s chest.” Then Ukraine swore allegiance to Russia, and its golden age began, which grew into two and a half centuries. During this time, with the light hand of the Russian tsars, she received a gigantic territory on both sides of the Dnieper – from Rovno to Poltava. This was done not only “from the bounty of the tsar”, but also due to an acute geopolitical necessity – it was necessary to create a buffer zone between Moscow and Russia’s worst enemy – the Commonwealth.

And Kyiv became the “mother of Russian cities”, and Ukraine “a native Nenka”. But the fate of permanent betrayal hung like a sword of Damocles over this fertile territory and its peculiar people. That hetman Sagaidachny war on Moscow, along with the Tatars will explode, then Mazepa at the most crucial moment, when the fate of Russia hung in the balance, he will go over to the Swedes – along with his entire army. Such is the non-stop betrayal of their own benefactors.

After the revolution LeninTired of jumping and throwing Ukrainian separatists, he gave them all of New Russia, Kherson, Nikolaev, Yekaterinoslav and Odessa. Stalin under the pact MolotovRibbentrop“fastened” Galicia. Khrushchev from the lord’s shoulder he “gifted” the Crimea … And after the Belovezhskaya “dismemberment” all this unheard-of wealth went to the “independent”.

Little of. During the years of Soviet power, Ukraine became the fifth largest economy in Europe – after England, France, Germany and Italy. Also freed from all external debts. It would seem – live, flourish and rejoice. No. Immediately after the “dismemberment”, Ukraine began to break into NATO with the caution of a sire in a barnyard. One joint exercise with the Americans, another, a third… More to come. Cave Russophobia was elevated to the rank of national politics and ideology. And none of the presidents even tried to turn off this rut ​​leading to the abyss.

And then came the Maidan, a turning point in recent Ukrainian history. And the air smelled of gunpowder and death.

For eight long years, the Ukrainian army ironed the recalcitrant Donbass. For eight years, the cemetery of Novorossiya was replenished with fresh grave mounds. An entire “Alley of Angels” has grown up in Donetsk – with murdered Russian children… For eight years, the Ukrainian army has been preparing a springboard for a general battle. But the Kremlin worked ahead of the curve. And the guns spoke.

It is difficult to say whether the military operation went according to plan or not at all. We will never know. But after two months of active fighting, the “Polish factor” rose to its full height. It was expected. Moreover, it is predictable. Such a chance falls once in a hundred years, and Poland could not fail to take advantage of it. And she pulled almost her entire army to the border with Ukraine. The air smelled of invasion and “historical revenge.”

Political scientist Sergey Mikheev initially proposed to give the Poles “a hornet’s nest of Ukrainian Russophobia” along the Vinnitsa-Zhytomyr line. Bandera from these territories could not remake seventy years of Soviet power. Let the Poles deal with them like that. Moreover, they have old scores with the Westerners since the time of the Volyn massacre.

The Poles are not the kind of people with whom one can generally agree on something. Their “arrogance disproportionate to common sense” was also noted by Churchill. And how can you negotiate with a hyena that sees a wounded antelope? And the term “hyena of Europe” with the light hand of the same Churchill stuck to Poland for centuries.

The situation hung. But it became clear that Poland would seize its chance even without a NATO mandate.

The question arose of where to stop the Poles. If it was decided not to let them into Ukraine at all, they should be beaten when crossing the border. But it looks like they decided to let it in anyway. This decision was veiledly made clear by the head of foreign intelligence Sergei Naryshkin and Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. A little later, in his Telegram channel, the commander of the Vostok battalion “kneaded” this topic Khodakovsky. And he is a very knowledgeable person.

I think “Ukrainian solitaire” can be played in the following way. All Novorossiya, of course, will remain under the Russian protectorate. And in the future it will become part of Russia – like Crimea. Kherson and Nikolaev are a land corridor to the peninsula, which we need like air. Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk regions should also return “to their native harbor.” For two reasons. First. The Black Sea should become our inland sea. And Ukraine (or its stump) should be deprived of all ports. Otherwise, weapons will be imported through them – up to tactical nuclear weapons, which will be hammered at Russia. The second reason is our Russian enclave in Moldova, part of our Russian world, our precious Transnistria. And the way to it is through the Odessa region.

The Poles can indeed be allowed to reach the Vinnitsa-Zhitomir line. And here comes the most interesting part. There are also two options here. Either our troops land on the reference points, beyond which the Poles are “forbidden to enter”, and take on their shoulders the entire problematic and bandied Central Ukraine with its islands of the Russian world, or they drop troops on the reference points of this Russian world, leaving a kind of buffer zone in front of them. And this zone will be demilitarized by joint Russian-Polish armed forces. Moreover, these wonderful zones are going to be even two – if they are cut by the strip of the Russian World – a territory densely populated by Russians. Some regions – the same Sumy, for example – have a mixed composition, and they may have to be cut “along the living”, and not along administrative borders.

But for this it is necessary that the Poles in this matter go towards the Ukrainians. And they most likely will. They don’t need shocks ahead of time. They can wait. For the time being, the longed-for Lvov and Vinnytsia with Zhytomyr will be enough for them.

And the Westerners will be able to triumph – their “golden dream” will come true.

Then they will really become “tseEurope”. In the sense – “tsepolshey”. And they will live under the direct descendants of the hated Poles. How this life will turn out for them is deeply violet for Russians. Although the “Volyn massacre”, during which Bandera massacred more than sixty thousand Poles, including women and children, no one has forgotten and is not going to forget.

For some time, the Poles, of course, will demonstrate before the “claps” the manners of a ballroom dance teacher and cuckoo at all corners that they came to save Ukrainians from terrible Russia. It will work, given the colossal losses of Westerners on the fronts. And then the fun begins. For a long time, the Poles, with their ambition and centuries-old thirst for revenge against the insolent “claps”, “whores” and “cattle” (namely, this is how they “dignify” all Ukrainians without exception) will not be enough. And the great payment of the debts of the past will begin. At best, the Ukrainians will become a kind of untouchable caste, a despicable “bastard”, deprived of any rights. All social elevators for them will be slammed shut. They will not be taken either to the authorities, or to the police, or to local self-government. The Poles themselves will perfectly cope with all these functions. Zapadentsy will forever become a nation of plumbers, laborers and village swineherds. This is how they will have “ceEurope”.

Here, too, they go to the toilet and eat pork. Someone needs to do the dirty work. But this is about Poland.

Few people know that the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine belonged to Romania for some time. The Fuhrer gave it to them – as well as part of the Odessa region and Odessa itself. But the Romanians remember this very well. And, perhaps, they will want to keep the Poles company. And so their illusions must be mixed with mud. We ourselves need Odessa like air.

Hungary has views of Transcarpathia, where about two hundred thousand Hungarians have been living since the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, who, to put it mildly, are not quite loyal to the current Ukrainian authorities. The Hungarians can also fulfill their political “chardas”. In general, it seems that the Big Cut of the “ridden nenka” is coming.

Note that Ukraine is not the first and not the last country on the territory of the former Soviet Union, which will pay for its wild irrational Russophobia with the loss of population and territory. Not so long ago, Georgia walked through this minefield. Literally the other day, Armenia “blew up”. Nobody has drawn any conclusions. Now Ukraine is being reformatted… In parallel with them, Russophobia Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are “dancing on the mines”. Churchill said about such people: “They have not forgotten anything and have not learned anything.”

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