Nov 8, 2021
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Polish leader canceled visit to Slovakia due to crisis with migrants at the border

Polish President Andrzej Duda postponed his visit to Slovakia because of the crisis on the border with Belarus, said the head of the National Security Bureau of the republic, Pavel Solokh, on November 7 at a briefing.

Duda was to leave for a two-day visit to Slovakia on November 7. Now the new program of the trip is being discussed with the Slovak side.

Also, due to the situation with migrants on the border with Belarus, soldiers of two territorial defense battalions were mobilized, the department reported on Twitter.

Earlier it was reported that about a thousand migrants from Asia and Africa crossed the border of Belarus. It was clarified that illegal immigrants going to Poland through the forest intend to advance to Germany.

It also became known that Lithuania sent troops to the border with Belarus due to the influx of migrants.

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