Jan 23, 2021
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Polish journalist Sirakowski announced the imminent resignation of Lukashenka: the regime is being destroyed from within

Polish journalist Slawomir Sirakovsky commented on the situation in Belarus. In his opinion, the regime of Alexander Lukashenko will soon come to an end.

The expert said that the protests in the republic have transformed. Demonstrations have become localized and dispersed, with opposition supporters gathering in small groups in residential areas. Belarusian hackers hack online broadcasts of state media and expose the actions of the security forces.

The economic situation is rapidly deteriorating. The coronavirus pandemic, sanctions from the European Union and the United States, the drain of young professionals, workers’ strikes at factories are leading the regime to financial collapse, Sirakovsky said in his column.

According to him, Lukashenka will need large-scale material assistance from Russia. Most likely, in exchange for support, the Kremlin will put forward tough conditions. “Moscow will demand the weakening of the Belarusian president,” the InoSMI Internet portal quotes a Polish journalist.

Sirakovsky noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin treats the head of Belarus with contempt. And this feeling is mutual. Alexander Lukashenko has been cheating the Kremlin for many years. “The Kremlin could have easily survived his fall, especially if a pro-Russian successor comes to replace him,” the journalist said.

In the spring, a wave of protests will sweep through Belarus again. After several months of accumulating experience and growing strength, the opposition will become a serious threat to Alexander Lukashenko. The journalist noted that more and more officials are leaving the republic.

“The regime is being destroyed from within,” concluded Sirakovsky.


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