Nov 21, 2021
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Polish authorities will not interrupt freight traffic with Belarus yet

Poland has not yet made a decision to stop the railway service at the Kuznitsa checkpoint on the border with Belarus. TASS was informed about this by the press secretary of the government of the European republic, Peter Müller.

According to him, the Polish authorities are analyzing what is happening on the Polish-Belarusian border. Mueller notes that “now it seems that the demands directed to Belarus have been fulfilled.” For this reason, it will probably not be necessary to make a decision to terminate the freight traffic.

“It should be remembered that if we are talking about the closure of border crossings or other economic blockade, then these are instruments that are on the list of political and economic decisions that can be applied in relation to Belarus,” Mueller emphasized.

The minister noted that the situation has changed slightly, but there is no talk of stabilization yet.

Let us remind you that the Polish authorities closed the Kuznica checkpoint 10 days ago. Later, they threatened Belarus with the termination of freight traffic, sending an official letter to the republic’s border committee with the intention to close the railway checkpoint from November 21 if the situation does not improve.

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