Aug 26, 2022
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Polina Gagarina’s ex-husband fell in love with each of his models


The ex-husband of the singer Polina Gagarina, Dmitry made a confession.

A year and a half ago, the singer broke up with photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. Despite past grievances and misunderstandings, the ex-spouses still managed to remain friends for the sake of their common daughter Mia.

Polina’s acquaintance with Dmitry happened in 2010 during a photo shoot. The artist really liked him, and she decided on further cooperation. As a result, four years later, the couple got married, and after some time their daughter Mia was born.

Despite having a common child, Iskhakov and Gagarina decided to end their family relationship. The former spouses did not expand on the reasons. And yet the photographer remembers his ex-wife with warmth.

Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband - photo from the archive -
Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

I always fall in love with my models. Sometimes this love is for a couple of hours, and sometimes children are even born from it.“, – said 44-year-old Dmitry Iskhakov in a personal blog, referring to the relationship with Polina.

The photographer does not deprive daughter Mia of his attention and spends a lot of time with the child. “It’s simple for children,” he reasoned. – I’m playing with my daughter now. She says to some girl: “Let’s be friends?” – “Let’s! Let’s go!” For five minutes we discussed the whole life in detail. I need to try that too.”

But there was a time when Iskhakov sued Gagarina for the right to see the baby.

Our values ​​and priorities began to diverge. It didn’t happen in one day. I want to participate in the upbringing of my daughter, I pay for her circles, the nanny. But now I can’t even enter the house in the absence of Polina. I understand that she is a great artist, she has a difficult work schedule, but I’m a dad. I am not attacking, but defending my right to see my daughter. With Polina, everything depends on her mood – today she allows me to see her daughter, tomorrow – no. What will happen next, I don’t know. It seems to me that it is in the interests of Polina and mine to fix this case on paper. There’s nothing scary or wild about it.‘, he explained.

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