May 29, 2022
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Polina Gagarina wore an outfit for crazy money


The journalists calculated how much the dress of the singer Polina Gagarina costs.

The actress shone at the RU.TV award with a figure in a tight-fitting black dress with a slit and a bold neckline to the very waist line. Well, the figure allows you to be so bold.

Some netizens even thought that our star looks much better in this dress than Megan Fox, with whom Polina Gagarina copied the image. Recall that the Russian artist not only tried on exactly the same dress, but also gloves.

Polina Gagarina at the awards in an expensive dress
Polina Gagarina at the awards in an expensive dress

The cost of the sensational outfit was found out by the journalists of the Nemalakhov Telegram channel. The outfit of the British designer can currently be purchased on the brand’s website for 299 thousand rubles, that is, at the price of a used car of a budget brand.

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