Jun 15, 2022
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Polina Gagarina spoke about her career


Singer Polina Gagarina admitted how she is doing.

On the day the new track was released on the Web, Polina Gagarina also arranged a live premiere of “Water” in the studio of the show “Murzilki Live” on “Autoradio”. She dreamed of singing it in front of the audience with special impatience, the singer admitted.

This is, perhaps, my first song in many, many years after “Lullaby”, which I myself listen to. Just on the verge of fantasy, the feeling that I’m not singing, but just a crazy cool song sounds, from which I get the wildest pleasure, no matter how many times I listen. And I have already listened to it 6873 times and will continue to do so with pleasure. This is my love, my prayer, my confession to heaven. A very personal song from the depths of the soul“, – said Polina Gagarina to the hosts of the show and the fans gathered in the studio.

I also took part in writing the lyrics of the song in part, and from this it is even more personal. I am very grateful to the amazing team that made the song with incredible love. And thank you very much for the opportunity to sing it live on the day of the premiere. What happiness I received today, delight!“- the singer thanked everyone.

Pleasant Polina Gagarina and fans in the radio studio, who remembered the words of all her major hits and sang along with her. Together with “Water”, Polina performed live “Look”, “Disarmed”, “Yesterday”, “The Performance is Over” and another novelty of this spring – “Forever”.

Polina Gagarina - photo from the archive -
Polina Gagarina – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

Spring turned out to be very fruitful, after the release of the song “Forever” only a month and a half passed. I have not yet released songs with such frequency, and literally next month a mini-album will be released, which will include four songs, the names of which are associated with any element. This is very significant and symbolic.“, – said Polina.

In general, now the artist lives in a real time trouble, the work schedule is very tight: work in the studio, shooting, sleepless nights, a lot of songs. According to Polina, she loves such a rhythm, but everyone has a limit of endurance, and she too. A few days in May, spent by the sea, according to her feelings, as if they had never happened at all.

Was there a rest? It seems as if in fact it never happened, because it was very short – only six days. And then it started … The last weeks they just put me on the shoulder blades”, Gagarina admitted.

By the look of Polina, sparkling with emotions and energy, no one would have guessed about her fatigue, but the singer is used to frankly telling everything about herself, without hiding the details. In addition to working on songs, Polina said, she is soon preparing to appear before the audience in a new role – as the host of a fashion program on TNT.

It’s quite unexpected for me, but I’m making great progress as a presenter. Filming is in full swing. This is a morning show, and now I can say: “Who better to wake up the country than Polina Gagarina?“- said the singer.

The concert and the interview of Polina Gagarina could not only be listened to on the air, but also watched in the Avtoradio community on the VKontakte network, where there was a live video broadcast. The format of live concerts and premieres is one of the main “chips” of the radio station and a great opportunity for listeners to meet top artists and listen to hot music hits.

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