Jan 4, 2022
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Polina Gagarina showed an overly thin figure in the photo in a bikini


Singer Polina Gagarina spends New Year’s holidays in the Maldives, from where she shared a beach photo.

It is impossible to believe that the artist once had a very curvaceous form. Now the singer, according to some Internet users, is too thin. Every time the artist publishes vivid pictures, where she is captured in a bikini, some subscribers of her official Instagram can not resist commenting in the style: “I really want to feed”, “Too much” and “Stop losing weight.”

A fresh photograph of a celebrity taken in the Maldives, where Polina is now resting, is no exception to this rule.

However, most of the figure of Gagarina seems ideal.

Polina Gagarina in bikini
Polina Gagarina in bikini

Bomb! “,” Beauty “,” I will make a photo wallpaper from a picture“, – fans admire the star.

At the dawn of her career, the artist weighed 40 kilograms more than now. The artist lost control over her weight during her first pregnancy. She recalled that she was wildly disliked to be in a “position” and she seized her bad mood. Apparently, Polina hoped that the kilograms would go away by themselves after giving birth, but this did not happen. The reflection in the mirror did not suit the singer, and she set herself the goal of changing.

Gagarina made a huge effort on herself and completely revised her diet. The first thing the singer took to achieve ideal forms was to refuse a number of products. For the first six months of her weight loss, she practiced a mono diet. At first I ate only boiled rice for three days, then chicken breast, and then vegetables. Doctors recommend holding such “hunger strikes” no longer than nine days, but Polina lasted much longer. She managed to throw off too much, but the main work was waiting for her ahead. After all, keeping the result of losing weight is sometimes even more difficult.

The artist had to give up soda and fast food, as well as any kind of sweets. Polina often speaks at banquets, where she is invited to join the festive table, and she agrees. But he chooses dishes very carefully.

Polina said that the basis of her diet is vegetable salads, seafood, brown rice, and apples. The singer encourages everyone to also drink plenty of water and especially before meals (to eat less).

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