Aug 18, 2022
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Polina Gagarina shocked fans with her skinny figure in a bikini


Singer Polina Gagarina shared a photo in a bikini from a vacation in Turkey.

The artist gets incredible pleasure from a vacation in Turkey, which she manages to combine with active work. The singer arranged a performance in Bodrum, and after the concert, she enjoyed relaxation in a luxurious five-star hotel.

The actress told about this to her fans in a blog with social networks. She backed up her story with a colorful photo in which she poses in a bikini in front of the pool.

Thanks to everyone who was at the concert yesterday. It was a very warm evening. And today is a day of respite before a serious work race.”, — shared Polina Gagarina.

Skinny Polina Gagarina
Skinny Polina Gagarina

Subscribers, as usual, first of all reacted not to the words, but to the figure of the singer. She frankly frightened many: followers believe that the artist has reached an extreme degree of harmony, after which anorexia is already beginning. And they advised their beloved artist not to lose weight anymore.

Wow, how much do you weigh”; “What a thin, scary look”; “Like a girl”; “Muscles are just a bomb”; “Here are the legs. You’re perfect, don’t lose weight anymore”; “Skin and bones. Figure like an anorexic‘, they wrote fearfully.

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