Jan 11, 2022
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Polina Gagarina shared a naked photo


Singer Polina Gagarina drove fans crazy with a candid shot.

Today, the stars of the domestic show business all as one besiege the beaches of the Maldives. Polina Gagarina was no exception, who has been delighting fans with fresh photographs against the backdrop of seascapes for several days.

The singer flew away to rest immediately after the New Year holidays, noting that she was going to her favorite resort, which won her heart with incredible beauty and a wonderful mild climate. As proof, Polina immediately began to publish marvelous beach shots, which delighted the fans. And today the artist, apparently, has a particularly playful mood, as she put up a very spicy photo, deciding to play with the fans. “What color is my swimsuit“, – she intrigued the caption under the picture.

Polina Gagarina nude
Polina Gagarina nude

Subscribers immediately began to guess. “You are not wearing a swimsuit! ”; “Coral or pink judging by the lace”; “But in my opinion there is nothing under the hat”; “A swimsuit is a hat“, – the fans are vying with each other.

By the way, not all admirers of Polina’s talent accept her current appearance, considering that the singer is very thin. Recall that the topic of excess weight for the artist is painful. After two births, she seriously recovered, but then decided to take up herself and went on a strict diet, began to play sports. Even now she does not allow herself to relax and eat something high in calories.

The stress that the singer experienced during her divorce from Dmitry Iskhakov also affected her weight loss. Note that the ex-chosen one even wanted to sue the former for the fact that she does not allow him to see his daughter Mia. But in the end, it was decided to settle all the problems peacefully.

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