Oct 25, 2021
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Polina Gagarina reported on an important event in the life of her son


34-year-old singer Polina Gagarina was glad for her 14-year-old son, who received a passport today.

Polina Gagarina is proud of her son Andrey, who was born in her marriage to actor Peter Kislov. The child did not save the marriage, and the couple divorced in 2010. Polina believes that her son is growing up very responsible and is already behaving like an adult.

At the GQ Awards, the singer was asked about what a man should not be. “A man should not be angry, vengeful, cowardly, two-faced, mean and deceitful. I thank fate for my son, who shows incredible wisdom beyond his years. I believe that the principles that he has already formed will only get stronger. I have before my eyes a real example of a kind, intelligent, reasonable man. Son, I hope that over the years you will not lose these qualities, but will increase them“, – said Gagarina.

Andrey Kislov received his passport today
Andrey Kislov received his passport today

The singer boasted of an important event in her son’s life. Andrey received a passport. He recently turned 14 years old. Polina celebrated her son’s birthday with him in St. Petersburg.

When you were born, you looked at me with your huge blue eyes, and my life acquired the most important meaning, it was filled with endless love! We grew up together. You taught me to be strong, wise, responsible! And now you and I are talking like best friends, sharing the most intimate and together looking for answers to a variety of questions! I am still learning from you! Your soul is much wiser than mine! Happiness and pride that I have you, son!“- assured Gagarina.

Polina Gagarina with her son Andrey
Polina Gagarina with her son Andrey

By the way, 14-year-old Andrei Kislov already has his own Instagram page, to which more than 32 thousand people are subscribed.

Recall that Gagarina is raising another 4-year-old daughter Mia from 43-year-old photographer Dmitry Iskhakov, whom she divorced with a scandal. Recently, the singer admitted that she was haunted by panic attacks in her marriage.

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