Dec 29, 2020
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Polina Gagarina officially divorced Dmitry Iskhakov

The couple was together for six years and are raising a daughter, but in the spring of this year there were rumors that the spouses did not live together. In November, the divorce petition became famous.

Polina Gagarina officially divorced Dmitry Iskhakov

Polina Gagarina and photographer Dmitry Iskhakov have officially divorced. The information was confirmed by Olga Kovaleva, press secretary of the Lublin court of Moscow.

Iskhakov wrote on Instagram that he is not yet ready to comment on this event. Gagarina also did not talk about anything.

The couple got married in 2014, and three years later they had a daughter, Mia. Back in the spring of this year, it became known that the spouses do not live together, and in November the singer confirmed this by filing for divorce.

The reason for this act, as if some publications believe, could be income – Gagarina earns in dozens of one more than her ex-spouse.

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