Oct 15, 2020
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Polina Gagarina gave her son a helicopter flight for his 13th birthday

13:20, 14.10.

The artist gave Andrey an unusual surprise.

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Polina Gagarina became a mother for the first time in 2007. Then the singer had a son, Andrei. The boy's father was actor Pyotr Kislov, whom Polina Gagarina married a few months before giving birth. The romance of the artists began as a student, but the birth of a child and the wedding did not strengthen the relationship of the lovers. Kislov spent a lot of time on the set, which began to interfere with the relationship. In 2010, Kislov and Gagarina officially divorced.

Polina herself blamed the very different characters with her husband for everything. Peter, on the other hand, believes that he and the artist are too similar and are not ready to give in to anyone. After the break, Kislov and Gagarin managed to maintain normal relations for the sake of their son Andrei - Ex-spouses prefer to solve financial issues without scandals. “We see my son all the time. I'll even tell you an interesting case. We were going to fly with him to his parents. Polina asked which airline we would fly. I said which one and explained that now I have no money to fly another. She said, “Stop. Send me your passport. " Polina bought us tickets, ”said Kislov.

Polina Gagarina gave him a helicopter flight on the birthday of her 13-year-old son

Today the son of Peter Kislov and Polina Gagarina celebrates his birthday - he is 13 years old. In honor of this event, the artist organized a surprise for the boy - took him to the helipad to fly over the city with Andrey. The boy, as the star said, did not even suspect what awaited him.

Andrey Kislov already has his own microblog on Instagram. About 25 thousand people are watching the life of the artist's son. Polina Gagarina herself previously noted that over the past summer her child has matured a lot, grew and matured. "My favorite son! My forever little for me, but already such a conscious and adult youth! I want you to be happy, so that you find yourself and get real joy from your future profession, family, friends! So that the most real and loyal people who love you are near! I thank God for such a son, whom one could only dream of, I am proud of your victories, successes, curiosity and kindness! Your big heart is a gift! You have a core that is not taught, it cannot be brought up. I am always near! Love you with all my heart!" - the singer turned to Andrey Kislov (the spelling and punctuation of the author are hereinafter given without changes. Prim. row.).

Andrey Kislov

Andrei is not the only child of Polina Gagarina. In 2013, the popular blonde met the photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. In 2014, the lovers formalized the relationship officially, and in 2017 they became the parents of their daughter - the girl was named Mia by the photographer and singer. The family seemed ideal to many, but in 2020, the couple announced their separation. After the divorce of Gagarina and Iskhakov, daughter Mia stayed with her mother. Polina recently said that the girl started going to kindergarten and dancing - now the three-year-old baby has a busy schedule.

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