Nov 9, 2021
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Polina Gagarina gave her company so that her husband would not get


Singer Polina Gagarina took a cunning step so that her ex-husband Dmitry Iskhakov could not put pressure on her.

For more than a year after the divorce, the artist has not been able to agree with her ex-husband about custody of her daughter and the division of property.

Earlier, Dmitry Iskhakov hinted that he had leverage on his ex-wife. The speech, as expected, was about the fact that he, if desired, can take away from the singer the half of all jointly acquired property due to him by law – including part of the business. He warned that it is better for the artist to agree to his terms of custody, so as not to lose “assets”.

However, the lawyer advised Gagarina a cunning move that would save her from the need to give Iskhakov half of the business or share dividends. As it turned out, the other day Polina Gagarina LLC had a second founder, and the company’s authorized capital increased from 10 thousand rubles to two million. It turned out that the singer signed a deal with her lawyer Philip Ryabchenko, to whom she actually transferred the rights to her firm.

Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband
Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband

Now Iskhakov can claim only 0.025% of his ex-wife’s company, which is an insignificant figure and is practically of no interest.

If the spouse owned 50%, then without him it would be impossible to make a single significant decision: neither conclude a deal, nor sign an agreement, nor appoint a general director. And with such a sharp decrease in the share, Iskhakov loses corporate control and the ability to make any corporate decisions at all.“, – the KP informs.

It can be assumed that this will affect the course of the custody hearing, which is scheduled for December. Now that Iskhakov has lost his trump card, he may have to accept the terms of his ex-wife.

Gagarina, by the way, has already ceased to hide her new romance. Just the other day, she appeared in public in the company of sound producer Vladimir Chinyaev. And she has already introduced her children to her new lover. By the way, in a recent interview, Iskhakov said that he was categorically against the communication of Mia’s daughter with the new gentleman of her ex-wife.

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