May 20, 2020
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Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov have not been living together for six months now

Полина Гагарина и Дмитрий Исхаков не живут вместе уже полгода

The divorce of Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov is gradually becoming one of the most discussed topics in Russian show business. It turned out that the couple had not lived under the same roof for several weeks, earlier Polina also refused to do business with her husband.

Nevertheless, the Kuryatnik telegram channel reports that Gagarina and Iskhakov in fact, they quarreled for quite some time, and together they have not lived since last winter. This is allegedly confirmed by the neighbors of the popular singer in the housing complex "Machaon". Eyewitnesses saw that Dmitry periodically comes to Polina’s home, spends time with the children, but this is where their relationship ended.

“They have been at odds since the beginning of January and, it seems, already left in January. Dima comes about two times a week, we often say hello in the elevator, we live a couple of floors below. Walks with children, often takes them, but no more, ”says an eyewitness.

Note that Dmitry and Polina have one common child - daughter Mia, who was born several years earlier . Polina also brings up the eldest son Andrei, who was born in her relationship with Peter Kislov.

Sami Dmitry and Polina until they made any official statement about their separation, but Iskhakov no longer denies the fact of divorce.

Recall that Katya Barnabas is suspected of involvement in the divorce of Polina Gagarina.

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