Oct 18, 2021
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Poles will protect themselves from Putin with a fence

Poles will protect themselves from Putin with a fence

Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

Poland needs a fence at the border in order to defend itself personally from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian colleague Alexander Lukashenko… This was stated by the head of the Polish government Mateusz Morawiecki

“This is necessary to protect Poland from migratory blackmail in the long term – in this case by Lukashenka and Putin,” Polskie Radio quotes him.

Recently, the lower house of the Polish parliament adopted a law on the construction of a capital fence on the border with Belarus – to overcome the migration crisis, allegedly provoked by Minsk. Lukashenka himself added fuel to the fire, repeatedly declaring that because of Western sanctions the republic has “neither money nor strength” to restrain the flow of people.

But are Belarusian migrants really a serious problem for Warsaw? Or are the Poles taking advantage of the situation to once again blame Moscow and Minsk?

– For comparison: over the past year, just over 4 thousand migrants have moved through Belarus to Poland and Lithuania. And only from the southern borders of the European Union (through Greece, Italy, the Balkan countries, France, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine) have arrived in Europe over the past few years – attention! – several million immigrants, – reminds Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin

– If Tikhanovskaya or someone like that was in power in Belarus today, the Poles would have given her a medal long ago for “curbing” the transit of Asians to Europe. But Lukashenka is another matter: every pretext must be used to “bury” him. Destroying Lukashenko and Putin – two more or less independent politicians of the post-Soviet space – is a fix for European Russophobes.

“SP”: – How to understand the statement of Moravetsky? What does Putin have to do with it?

– Putin in Europe, especially in Poland, is perceived as the patron of Lukashenka. Well, the Poles and other Russophobes cannot admit that Lukashenka is supported by the people! But they are partly right: without the support of the Belarusian leadership from the Kremlin, the Western special services would have demolished the head of Belarus long ago.

“SP”: – In your opinion, Lukashenko sends migrants on purpose?

– If Lukashenka had been restrained in his chatter, his enemies, perhaps, would not have noticed 4 thousand migrants. But he said in a dashing speech that the transit of migrants from Asia to Europe through Minsk is his answer to the economic sanctions of the EU. Well, immediately after that, he was hit in the form of the beginning of an “investigation” in Germany of his alleged involvement in the “organization of the transit of migrants to Europe.”

“SP”: – To what extent does this crisis play into the hands of Poland in terms of Russophobic and Belarusianophobic propaganda?

– EU officials and politicians such as Merkel, Sarkozy, Teresa May, Macron, Tusk are to blame for the European crisis associated with the attraction of millions of migrants. This is who is to be judged. But the hypocritical European policy is such that it is necessary to find the extreme – and preferably from the southern and eastern Slavs. As was the case with Milosevic and Karadzic, on whom the NATO-organized massacre in Yugoslavia was written off, so is the case with Lukashenko-Putin, on which today everything is hung, including the rise in the price of gas in Europe (with Russia’s desire to increase its supplies to the EU countries ), refugees and global warming.

Note that behind the accusations against Lukashenka are not only European political scoundrels and marasmatics, but also the European mafia – the patrons of the shadow industry, which is associated with profiting from the organization of illegal transit of migrants from Asia and Africa to Europe. Minsk has organized a hole uncontrolled by the mafia in this industry. Hence – tough accusations against him and the desire to cover this hole; the traditional routes of migrants’ penetration into Europe have their own controllers and corresponding price tags.

According to Associate Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation Gevorg Mirzayan, it just doesn’t sound like a “fence to protect against Lukashenka”.

– The Poles believe that Minsk can increase the influx of migrants to their territory. And in this way they defend themselves – so that later they do not have to be expelled by force, creating a picture of Polish atrocities. Warsaw already has big problems with the EU, new ones are not needed.

“SP”: – Lukashenka deliberately sends migrants?

– Of course. Old Man follows Erdogan’s path and shows Europe what problems he can create for her if she treats Minsk without respect. Belarusian security officers either control the migration flow, or simply turn a blind eye to the business of various organized criminal groups for the transit of migrants. Belarusian experts and some officials quite transparently position this as a punishment.

“SP”: – Is this a real problem for Poland?

– This is a problem for everyone. The presence of illegal immigrants in Poland is a problem for the labor and real estate market. Forced expulsion, as Lithuania is doing, is a problem for the image. The Poles are trying to prevent such problems.

“SP”: – Will the fence help?

– It will be more difficult for migrants to cross the border. It is easier for border guards to catch them. It is necessary, of course, to see what kind of fence it will be. And will they not plunder the money for its construction, as happened with the “Yatsenyuk wall”.

“SP”: – How long do you think all this will last?

– It will last exactly as long as Lukashenka doesn’t say “enough”. Perhaps Old Man considers the migration flow as a future element of bargaining in the restoration of relations with the EU. After all, no one canceled the multi-vector strategy, it was simply paused, and even then not by the will of the Old Man …

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