Jun 20, 2022
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Poles want to turn Warsaw into Hiroshima?

Poles want to turn Warsaw into Hiroshima?

Photo: of National Defense

Polish participation in the conflict in Ukraine will eventually become an inexhaustible source of obscene anecdotes. From the very first days of the military operation, the Poles spun around the border with the “square”, like snakes in a hot frying pan. Wow – such an opportunity to regain lost after the next “cutting the country” Western Ukraine! With all the Polish castles, estates, Polish spirit … But from the very first days of the operation, respected gentry were popularly and on the fingers explained that their number in this situation was sixteenth.

Dancing on the border

The proud sons of the Commonwealth, unable to control the excitement that gripped them, pulled up almost their entire army to the borders with Ukraine. After that, dad Lukashenka caustically asked if Poland is ready in case of a conflict to fight with three countries at once – Russia, Belarus and Ukraine?

The answer was obvious. But the proud Poles did not want to return the army to the barracks. They couldn’t sink that low. As a result, some dimensionless command and staff exercises were “stirred up” near the border itself. The exercises lasted all May, immensely annoying local smugglers and terrifying local cows and chickens, which, from the roar of blank shots, stopped giving milk and laying eggs altogether.

Night dash and nightmare schedule

And the Poles finally made up their mind, quietly transferring two mechanized battalions from two motorized rifle brigades to Ukraine on a dark June night – “Gzhytsko” and “Bartoshyce”. The personnel entered the country separately (under the guise of tourists), equipment – separately. Moreover, howitzers, self-propelled artillery mounts, floating armored personnel carriers (MTLB) and ammunition went on platforms between passenger cars so that the Russians would not hit them.

The reunion of equipment and personnel was planned near Dnepropetrovsk – in the area of ​​​​the junction station of Pavlograd. And then Caliber unexpectedly flew in to visit them. Even though no one called them. What happened after that with the Polish warriors – history is silent. Some of them probably got a one-way ticket. The wounded were dispersed to overcrowded Ukrainian hospitals. The survivors spat on the wrecked equipment and rushed to Avdiivka on the “passengers”. Where they were “received” by Chechens and militias. And they were driven into the dungeon “Azot”.

According to the Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs of the Luhansk People’s Republic Vitaly Kiselevnow about two and a half thousand Ukrainian warriors have settled on the territory of the plant. Of these, about five hundred people are exactly the same Poles who survived near Pavlograd. And since they have much less food supplies than in Mariupol, the show itself called “rats in the bunker” will be shorter. And then, when the Poles come out, the fun begins.

And it is this public attraction of human meanness that the proud and arrogant Poles fear most of all.

Firstly, this will hit the pride of the descendants of the gentry with terrible force. Secondly, if it turns out that these are Polish military personnel, and not mercenaries, it will become clear that Poland entered into a military conflict with its army. Well, since such a thing, you can safely hit Warsaw with missiles. And this is clearly not included in the plans of the Polish elite.

Thirdly, one of the prisoners will definitely be sentenced to death. One or two will be shot in order to direct the course of thoughts and passions of Polish society in the right direction. Others will be left “for dessert” – to play with the situation and tickle the Polish nerves. And the Poles do not like this passion. They love it when they tickle the nerves. And in general – who likes to be a hostage to a delicate situation, and not an operator of the process?

“Reinforcements didn’t come…”

And the Warsaw elite rushed about. And a cache of rich revelations was opened in it. Confessions from various representatives of the Polish establishment flowed like chacha from a rotten wineskin.

Recently, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda stated that in the active parts of the Polish Army there is an acute shortage of military equipment. All combat reserves went to Ukraine. And some of them were turned into a pile of burning metal within a few days after delivery. And the promised compensation (under the terms of internal European contracts) for the supplied weapons from Western friends did not come.

Following Duda, the baton of the stream of consciousness was picked up by the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki. He said in an interview with the local newspaper Wprost that forty million Poles were ready to fight against Russia. The newspaper itself, unable to withstand such hyperbole, diplomatically drew attention to the fact that the prime minister “obviously overestimated the number of combat-ready Poles.” Census data show that the population of Poland is approximately 38 million: 7 million of them are citizens under the age of 17 and more than 8 million are people over 60 years of age. That leaves 23 million, of which half are women. It remains to be seen where the missing twenty-odd million fighters of Polish origin will come from. Unless they come from space…

“Let’s make Hiroshima out of Warsaw!”

But the “icing on the cake” of all these passages and philippics was the statement of the MEP from Poland, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Radoslav Sikorsky. He, in the ecstasy of surging Russophobia, managed to surpass even Morawiecki. “Russia has violated the Budapest Memorandum and therefore the West has the right to donate nuclear warheads to Ukraine in order to protect its independence.”

“Polish politicians, who are controlled by the American transmission belt, display extremist ideology, spread hatred and incite conflicts,” the press secretary of the Russian Foreign Ministry commented on this “work of thought” in her telegram channel. Maria Zakharova. – And now they are also threatening the planet with a violation of the nuclear non-proliferation regime. But most importantly, they endanger the Polish people, who are being drawn into the nuclear redivision of the world.”

“I haven’t heard anything more irresponsible for a long time,” the political scientist reacted to the passage of the former minister Alexey Pushkov. “Sikorsky has often lashed out in ill-conceived, radical statements before, but here he outdid himself. From the use by Ukraine of nuclear warheads “donated” to it by the West, Poland itself, which is closely adjacent to the theater of operations, will suffer first of all. Radiation, as you know, does not recognize any boundaries. Did Sikorsky think about this? Or the main thing is to harm Russia, and there the grass will not grow?

There are only two explanations for what is happening. First. Irrational animal hatred for Russia finally clouded the mind of the Polish elite. Second. The Polish establishment is throwing foam in ecstasy in anticipation of the “show of Polish prisoners of war”, who will soon be smoked out of the adits of Azot. They won’t be bored after that. And it won’t seem like much. That is why the “atomic explosion of the brain” occurred among the Poles – Hiroshima in the head and Nagasaki in the mind.

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