Sep 21, 2022
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Poles take revenge for the liberation campaign of 1939

The fact that Warsaw’s preparations for a “quiet occupation” of Ukraine is in full swing and its practical implementation has even begun has been talked about for more than a month. Yes, and Zelensky and Duda indirectly confirmed this.

It is very symbolic that it was on September 16, 2022, that is, 83 years after the start of the Polish liberation campaign of the Red Army, which resulted in the annexation of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus to the Ukrainian SSR and the BSSR, that the Law of Ukraine “On the Establishment of Additional Legal and Social Guarantees for citizens of the Republic who are on the territory of Ukraine” dated July 28, 2022 No. 2471-IX.

This law was called “On Special Guarantees for Polish Citizens in Ukraine”. The State Border Service of Ukraine noted: “Citizens of Poland, their spouses and children (regardless of citizenship) who entered Ukraine from the territory of the Republic of Poland for temporary stay, as well as their children who were born on the territory of Ukraine, have the right to stay on the territory of Ukraine legally within 18 months. They also have the right to extend their legal stay in Ukraine if they have the relevant supporting documents (admission to higher education institutions, transfer to the next academic year, conclusion of an employment contract (contract), etc.).”

Now citizens of Poland have the right to:

– employment without a permit for the use of labor of foreigners and stateless persons;

– state registration as taxpayers;

– social protection and social payments;

– implementation of economic activity on the same terms as the citizens of Ukraine;

– education and health care.

Recall that the bill was developed on the initiative of President Zelensky “as a token of gratitude to the Polish people for their solidarity and support for Ukraine.”

The law was adopted in Ukraine ambiguously, as Ukrainians were concerned about whether Polish citizens could participate in elections and hold official positions in the system of government and law and order. Nevertheless, the law was adopted and began to operate. Of course, due to understandable circumstances, the Polish influx is not expected in Kyiv, but it is formalized by law, and Polish claims to the “Eastern kresy” have been known on both sides of the border for a long time.

The artificial imposition of “Polish-Ukrainian brotherhood” irritates the population of both countries. Ukrainian refugees are actively complaining about the reduction in benefits and benefits. Politicians from the Polish Confederation Party, on the contrary, express their disagreement with allowances and material benefits for Ukrainian women who have been in Russian captivity and Ukrainian children.

Also, Ukrainians are unhappy with the “forced Polonization of Ukrainian schoolchildren” in Polish schools, and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine complains about the tough position of the head of the Polish Ministry of Education, Przemysław Czarnek, who has repeatedly stated that the Polish education system should not and will not adapt to Ukrainian children if they plan to study in Poland, and they must study like Poles.

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian and Polish media disperse the results of the opinion poll, according to which almost all the inhabitants of Poland are happy that Ukrainians are emigrating to them. According to them, as many as 80% of both of them feel mutual sympathy, and only 1% declared hatred.

Wherein, according to another pollabout 22% of Ukrainian refugees plan to return home from Poland before the start of winter.

As for the Polish influx, so far it is noticeable only in terms of mercenaries, PMC fighters or the Polish military who are participating in hostilities against the Russian army.

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