Jan 4, 2022
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Poland will build a capital barrier on the border with Belarus

The Polish Border Guard has signed contracts for the construction of a capital fence on the border with Belarus, RIA Novosti reports.

Its length will be 186 kilometers. The work will be carried out simultaneously on four sections.

It is assumed that the fence will be ready in June this year.

On January 1, the Polish border service reported that about 40 thousand migrants in 2021 attempted to illegally enter Poland from Belarus.

Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have repeatedly announced an increase in the number of illegal migrants from the Middle East and Africa, going through Belarus to the borders of the EU. However, Minsk denies any involvement in the migration crisis.

Let’s add that Lithuania is building a fence made of cutting wire on the border with Belarus. The installation of 680 km of the double barrier line is estimated at 152 million euros.

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