Jun 1, 2022
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Poland wants to cut Ukrainian money

In the photo: Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin.

In the photo: Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin. (Photo: imago images/Eastnews/TASS)

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin in an interview with national radio, he suggested that there is simply no better place for a hypothetical Center for the Reconstruction of Ukraine than Warsaw. According to him, this structure could unite various funds that will allocate resources to boost the economy and social sphere of the neighboring state. Sasin said that the Polish side had already held consultations with UN representatives on this matter.

“It is about not only being a logistics center for this huge restoration work, but that it is a financial center that would pool the funds that serve the restoration,” said the Deputy Prime Minister of Poland. However, he did not provide any details about the future fund. As well as the results of negotiations with UN representatives.

Russian Ambassador in Warsaw Sergey Andreev on the air of the Rossiya 24 TV channel, he assessed this statement by Sasin as a reflection of the intentions of the authorities and business of Poland “to receive a significant share of the money that they expect will be allocated by the West for the restoration of Ukraine.” He added that such ideas are not new in this country. “This is a characteristic way of thinking of our Polish neighbors: when there is an opportunity to use funds, which, of course, will be allocated first of all by the richer, leading countries of the European Union, they try to use this opportunity.”

The above-mentioned words of a high-ranking Polish official perfectly fit into the mood prevailing in the leadership of this country – his representatives have recently repeatedly sent signals to international authorities that the “lords” should be rewarded for the inconvenience caused by the “zhovto-Blakyt” neighbor. Yes, Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow (surprisingly, against the backdrop of the abolition of everything Russian, she did not change her last name) said that at the beginning of hostilities, the Poles supplied Kyiv with fuel for free. True, she added that now the Polish refinery Orlen carries out exclusively commercial deliveries, since “fuel companies in Ukraine are doing well.”

In addition, on May 28, the Deputy Minister of the Interior of Poland Pavel Shefernaker recalled that the cost of his country to help Ukrainian refugees is estimated at billions of euros.

Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS Countries Vladimir Zharikhin does not consider Jacek Sasin’s statement political.

– In this respect, the recent statement seems to be much more important for me. Zelensky about the readiness to submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on granting citizens of Poland a special status, which, in fact, means transferring Ukraine under the control of Warsaw. This bill provides for allowing Poles to freely cross the Ukrainian-Polish border, hold leadership positions, serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and have other opportunities.

“SP”: – What is the meaning of this document?

– Make Ukraine a satellite of Poland. Try to pin the responsibility for the existence of Ukraine on Poland and, accordingly, on the North Atlantic Alliance, of which this state is a member.

SP: Will it work?

– So far, there is no highest go-ahead from across the ocean for such a step. The United States is well aware of how such a development of the situation could turn out. If Washington agrees, then the Polish side will then announce the unification and demand assistance, primarily military, on the basis of the fifth article of the NATO charter. So, this idea has not been developed yet.

“SP”: – In the case of the actual unification of states, the idea of ​​​​functioning the fund in Warsaw seems logical.

– I don’t think. It reflects the desire of the Poles to simply use the funds that can be allocated for the restoration of Ukraine, primarily from the EU and other countries. Although this is more like a sounding of the reaction of other parties that can allocate the necessary resources, and not some kind of decision. It is unlikely that there are any stable agreements on this issue at all.

“SP”: – Maybe the Polish minister voiced the opinion of the Western curators of the “square”, who are afraid to entrust funds to Kyiv that they can simply plunder?

– If this is so, then entrusting such money to the Poles is also, to put it mildly, not the most reasonable idea. Their political establishment is not that far removed from their Ukrainian comrades in the ability to misuse funds. There are many questions about how the resources allocated by the EU for various programs were spent in Warsaw.

According to Director of the Institute of Peace Initiatives and Conflictology Denis DenisovThe proposal of the Polish Deputy Prime Minister looks quite logical in the light of recent actions and statements from Warsaw.

— Poland is increasingly striving to present itself to the world community as the main trustee and patron of Ukraine. So, this initiative can be understood based on the thoughts of high-ranking figures in this country. They understand that the European Union is helping and will continue to help Ukraine in the foreseeable future, will allocate considerable sums to it. Another thing is that such funds are often used to cover up various corruption schemes and enrich persons close to them. And Poland, if we take into account the level of corruption, is certainly not the best place to host such a fund.

“SP”: – This initiative can be associated with the recent visit of Polish President Duda to Kyiv?

— Of course. The Polish side is confidently pursuing its line, which is agreed upon in the political elite. And all statements, proposals, legislative initiatives are coordinated. There simply cannot be any reservations and accidents today. They are convinced they are right.

“SP”: – Zelensky’s intention to pass a law on the special status of Polish citizens in Ukraine is also from this series?

– Without any doubt. And there is no doubt that this initiative will be implemented. It’s hard to say when, but it will be.

“SP”: – And what about the position of some of the Ukrainian radicals, known for their negative attitude towards Poland?

– In the existing conditions, their opinion is not decisive. The current situation has changed the degree of their influence on the Ukrainian leadership. They will not be able to prevent the strengthening of the role of Poland in Ukrainian politics.

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