May 2, 2022
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Poland wants to become Ukraine’s gravedigger? Or your own?

Poland wants to become Ukraine's gravedigger?  Or your own?

Photo: Alexey Pantsikov/TASS

Poland is preparing to send troops to the west of Ukraine. Both Russia and the world community were warned about this at once by two high-ranking intelligence officers – the Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and director of LLC Sergei Naryshkin. And these warnings are not empty words. In general, the probability of a Polish invasion of Ukraine was discussed from the very first days after the start of the operation.

Political scientist Sergey Markovhaving information “from first hand and closed sources”, recently announced in his Telegram channel that Poland, with the help of the United States, is preparing to send troops into the western regions of Ukraine and form a pro-Polish puppet government there. Also, according to Markov and information from the same source, before the invasion, the Poles will try to solve a number of problems “at the pace of the storm”. Without them, the introduction of troops can turn into a political adventure with a high risk of failure.

First. All the same, we need a reasoned pretext for sending troops. Just like that, “beneficial and do good” to neighbors is “non-comme il faut”. And in the eyes of the world community, and in their own. Yes, and Europeans – “bosom enemies and cursed friends” of the Poles in the European International Zoo – can evaluate this reprimand inadequately, without encores and applause. They all have an already biased attitude towards Warsaw tricks. Term Churchill the “hyena of Europe” is remembered all too well by all the neighbors on the continent. Also, everyone remembers that it was Poland who wanted to make Germany’s “warm company” for the invasion of Russia at one time. Just Hitler outplayed the “allies” and put them under the knife first.

So, with the current breakthrough, an undisguised Polish occupation will turn out – akin to the German one in 1939. The hyena decided to play its game. Moreover, the invasion will be steered by the very personalities whose ancestors in their time in Volyn Bandera disposed of by the thousands. And this is fraught.

Theoretically, he could ask for the service of the President of Poland himself Zelensky. Moreover, his American partners are inclining him to this. Then, both from the point of view of international law and from the standpoint of elementary logic, everything would be “chicky-bamboo”. But the consequences of this “request at the highest level” can be the most unpredictable for Ze himself. For, besides the Americans, there are also their “sworn friends.” Not all of them are satisfied with the results of the meat grinder that the Ukrainian army got into. There are even those who did not support the planned invasion of Donbass at all. As one can assume, the Americans immediately squeezed them out of the decision-making centers, but those who were dismissed probably still had friends and allies – both in the SBU and in the General Staff. And their number is only growing. The result of this boiling discontent may well be a conspiracy of “zapadentsev”, who are still enough in Zelensky’s entourage. And as a result – the displacement of the “bloody clown” himself.

On the one hand, over all these years, the Ukrainian SBU officers, for the most part consisting of Westerners, have gone through an excellent school of coups, sabotage and terrorist attacks from overseas teachers from the CIA and MI6. They proved capable as students. On the other hand, this did not add to their loyalty to their American partners. Moreover, they initially promised to stop the “Polish threat”. And, as always, they threw it. Little of. Among them are those who believe that “the Russian whip is better than the Polish gingerbread and American Coca-Cola.” In addition, the fact that the entire NATO bloc unanimously threw the Ukrainians at a difficult moment did not add to them either love or affection for all their Western colleagues – “political thimble-makers”.

In addition to the SBU officers, there are other passionaries in the environment of “Mr. Ze” who are able to eliminate the clown for the “Polish bow”. Despite the continuous disposal of the most active male part of the population on the battlefields, this public in Ukraine “has not died yet” – both in the corridors of power, and in law enforcement agencies, and on the streets of Ukrainian cities.

These dissatisfied, too, may well form the backbone of the conspirators. Zelensky feels it. And he understands that one careless word – and he himself “with comrades” can act as a Christmas pig under a Ukrainian garnish.

Therefore, despite the pressure of the Americans and Poles, Zelensky has not yet dared to turn to Andrzej Duda with a formal request. And neither the Americans nor the Poles have yet come up with another reason for bringing in troops.

Introductory second. With all this, the Poles would like to get by with little bloodshed. But no one promised them this. Rather the opposite. Insert made it clear that when troops are sent to Ukraine, he does not rule out the option of a tactical “counter-response” nuclear strike. Or just a blow – without warning. This already dampens the Polish enthusiasm a little.

Several dozen coffins with Polish militants have already arrived from Ukraine to their historical homeland. This is except for those who met their death under the rubble of houses in Mariupol and were buried in hastily dug graves. All in all, according to Major General Konashenkovabout a thousand mercenaries were destroyed in Ukraine. The Poles made up a significant part of them. Both the Polish media and Polish society reacted extremely painfully to the “coffin gift.” And what if the coffins with “zholniezhs” in the event of an invasion go to Poland – as to Ukraine – tens of thousands? Won’t this blow up Polish society?

Point three. In NATO, the Poles were popularly explained that they would act in Ukraine solely at their own peril and risk. The Yankees will provide financial assistance, people will not. All by yourself. But it’s scary by ourselves … Poland, of course, agrees to go to the Ukrainian gop-stop with a “steam locomotive”, but it is highly desirable together with accomplices. I mean, coalition partners. One “getting stuck under the hand” in case of an unsuccessful jerk is fraught. And now there are intensive negotiations with the governments of Hungary and Romania. The Hungarians have taken a break for now. On the one hand, the temptation is great. With another – Orban just agreed with Russia on preferential gas supplies. On the third, in his own words, he decided to open a new page in the history of Russian-Hungarian relations. And he wants to go down in the history of Hungary as a person who started these relations “from scratch”. Finally, Orban, like Erdoganclaims to be the leader of a new era, whose words do not diverge from deeds. They believe more…

But the Romanians fell for the Polish promises. And they moved their troops to the border with Moldova. But a weaker army and less reliable allies in Europe still need to be looked for …

Point four. The Poles are planning to seize control of key facilities from the security forces of Ukraine. And who said that the Ukrainian security forces would give them up without a fight? And who guarantees that during the battle, both those and others will not be covered in bulk by Russian “Caliber”? The addresses of all the key “oporniks” are well known to the Russians. And they have been waiting for their time.

Point five. The Poles, of course, will want to create their own puppet government somewhere in Lvov. Of course, from head to toe anti-Russian. Only not from Bandera. Your wishing – more than enough. And sooner or later they will indicate to the local “claps” where their place is now. The Polish arrogance is more alive than all the living – riots can break out in the field. That is, in the rear of the Polish army. And the “claps” will hit the Polish rear.

And there is another interesting point – the famous Russian “gas club”. Well, how will the Russians really turn off the gas – to both the Germans and the Poles? Poland seems to have proudly refused Russian gas. But then “suddenly” it turned out that she was actually buying it from Germany. Just at a higher price. It turns out, no matter how you puff out your cheeks, you can’t go anywhere without Russian gas. And what if the “treacherous Russians” shut down the column in response to the invasion? The country may even freeze. And then expect a Polish revolt – senseless and merciless. Not too big a price for “Polish Kresy”?

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