Sep 12, 2021
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Poland threatened to withdraw from the European Union

Deputy Chairman of the Polish Parliament and leader of the faction of the ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS) Ryszard Terletsky at the economic forum in Karpacz, he threatened Brussels with Poland’s withdrawal from the EU after the European Commission proposed to impose a fine on Poland in the amount of 1 million euros per day for refusing to carry out judicial reform and liquidate the Disciplinary Chamber of Judges. The European Commission also proposes to freeze 36 billion euros in aid intended for the recovery of the Polish economy after the pandemic.

“If things go the way they go, we must take radical measures. The British showed that they are not satisfied with the Brussels bureaucracy, turned around and left. We do not want to leave, we have very strong EU support, but we cannot get involved in that, which will limit our freedom and development, “Terletsky said.

Justice Minister Zbigniew Zöbro, in turn, accused the EU of double standards, calling the Brussels policy an act of aggression against the legal order of Poland and an attempt to limit the sovereignty of the Polish state. MP from “Solidarity Poland” Janusz Kowalski supported Terletsky: “EU membership brings Poland financial losses. Europe is ruled by Germany (through Nord Stream 2), for which Russia is partner No. 1. The EU violates European agreements (for example, an attack on Poland). Time to think about whether Poland is better off following the example of the British? “

Brussels insists on the implementation of judicial reform in Poland, since it considers the current state of affairs in the judicial sphere as a step by PiS towards control over judges, whom it can use in the future in the development of electoral legislation and legal fixation of election results.

Terletsky’s words caused a political storm. Opposition forces in parliament accused PiS of wanting to push Poland out of a united Europe.

To calm the passions, Terletsky wrote on his Twitter page that “Poland was, is and will be in the EU,” but this did not satisfy the opposition. According to opinion polls, 17% of Poles support the country’s exit from the EU.

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