Nov 13, 2021
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Poland threatened to close rail links with Belarus

Poland is ready to block the railway communication with Belarus, depriving it of transit, said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Poland Mariusz Kamiński on the air of the radio station RMF FM.

The head of the department recalled that Belarus is an important transit state. According to Kaminsky, Minsk is well aware that Warsaw may decide to close the next crossings and even railway traffic.

In response to the words of the journalist that the neighboring state would lose transit under such conditions, the minister replied that the Polish authorities knew about it. Kaminsky also warned that Belarus will face “complete isolation – not only political, but also economic.”

We will remind, on November 8, the border committee of Belarus announced that more than two thousand refugees from the countries of East and Africa went to the border of Poland. The department clarified that the situation at the border was quite tense. Polish border guards refused to let migrants pass. Poland closed the Kuznica checkpoint.

The United States, Britain, the EU countries in the UN Security Council accused Belarus of using refugees to destabilize the situation in neighboring states. In turn, the Belarusian side proposed to the European Union to create a roadmap that would allow uniting efforts to help migrants.

On Friday, refugees damaged the barbed wire fence and broke into Polish territory.

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