Jan 1, 2022
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Poland takes over the chairmanship of the OSCE

Poland took over from Sweden the chairmanship of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), writes TASS.

During the year, starting from January 1, the republic will act as a coordinator in this international organization.

Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau assured that the Polish authorities will strive “to support all efforts to ensure security and stability.”

“We continue to offer our support to key missions, negotiation formats. Our attention will be focused on current conflicts and crisis situations, ”he said.

The diplomat also drew attention to the fact that the OSCE today faces tension and a threat to society on the territory of some participating states.

In addition, Rau expressed his readiness to support the dialogue between Russia and NATO.

Earlier, France took over the chairmanship of the Council of the European Union.

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