Aug 10, 2022
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Poland takes control of the Ukrainian economy

Warsaw delays the introduction of troops, but captures the agriculture of Ukraine

Poland not only hatches plans for the military occupation of Western Ukraine, but also takes control of the attractive sectors of the economy of a neighboring country. This was reported by the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (SVR).

“The information received by the Service testifies to the gradual implementation by Warsaw of its far-reaching plans for Ukraine. It is becoming more and more obvious that we are talking not only about the possibility of introducing “Polish peacekeeping forces” into the western regions of this country, but also about establishing control over the most promising sectors of the economy of a neighboring state,”

– informs the press bureau of the SVR.

The main object of interest for the Poles is Ukrainian agricultural production. According to the intelligence service, Polish companies are buying up the products of Ukrainian farmers at low prices in order to drive them into bankruptcy and then buy up assets and land at bargain prices. In particular, the Poles are known to have bought Ukrainian barley at $30 per ton, which is almost five times lower than the real price of the grain. In other words, Polish businessmen profit from Ukrainian grain, and to the detriment of their farmers.

Along with this, Poland is investing in the creation of a transport and logistics infrastructure for the unimpeded export of Ukrainian products to Europe and other markets where prices are higher, the SVR notes.

The Russian intelligence agency recalls that the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine at the end of July adopted a law on special guarantees for Polish citizens and a law on privatization, which allows the sale of Ukrainian enterprises with a 50 percent discount. These innovations contribute to the embodiment of the views of Warsaw on Ukraine.

“Thus, the current Kyiv authorities have essentially already started selling off the country, giving priority in this “business project” to the Polish neighbors,” – sums up the Foreign Intelligence Service.

In a commentary to Politika Segodnya, the economist director of the New Society Institute Vasily Koltashov suggested that the reorientation of Poland to the Ukrainian economy indicates Warsaw’s hesitation in the issue of intervention in the territory of a neighboring country.

“They have [поляков. – Ред.] there is no firm certainty that they will enter the territory of Ukraine by force of arms, they still expect to take everything according to a more simplified scheme, but they do not exclude the transfer of troops. But for this they must see the collapse of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”,

– explained the expert.

Recall that in April, the Prime Ministers of Ukraine and Poland agreed to establish a joint logistics company that will help increase the volume of Ukrainian exports through the Polish territory by rail. And in May, Kyiv and Warsaw signed a joint statement on simplifying the export of Ukrainian grain through Polish territory.

Of all the countries of the Western community, Poland is the most involved in the conflict in Ukraine. It not only supplies the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons and military equipment of its own production, but also serves as the largest hub for the transfer of deadly weapons from other Euro-Atlantic countries. In parallel with this, Poland is making large purchases of military equipment for its own armed forces and is hatching the idea of ​​​​creating the most powerful army among the European members of NATO, numbering 350 thousand people.

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