Feb 23, 2021
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Poland reminded Kiev who owned Volyn

In Poland, the ex-head of the UINP Vyatrovich is considered a “Volyn liar”

A new diplomatic Ukrainian-Polish scandal is gaining momentum. This time it was provoked by the Polish side: the Polish consulate in Lutsk published an invitation to the conference “Volyn in the European geopolitical and cultural space”. It is planned that the conference “On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Volyn Voivodeship within the Republic of Poland” will be held on April 22, 2021, explained the Polish Consul General Slawomir Misyak

However, the phrase “Volyn Voivodeship” is very painfully perceived in Kiev – it was under this name that Volyn was part of Poland until September 1939, when the territory of the voivodeship was annexed to Ukraine and became part of the Volyn, Ternopil and Rivne regions.

Former head of the Institute of National Memory Vladimir Vyatrovich called the publication of the Polish consulate in Lutsk “rudeness” and “A reminder of the Polish occupation of Volyn”

“Non-diplomatic rudeness from a diplomat – the consul invites you to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Polish occupation of Volyn. Polish diplomats would probably have responded to the invitation from their German colleagues to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment in 1939 of the governor-general in Poland, ”

– Vyatrovich commented on the situation.

After Vyatrovich’s reaction, the mention of the Volyn Voivodeship was removed from the invitation to the conference.

However, in Poland, the statement of the ex-head of the UINP was commented on, calling Vyatrovich a famous Volyn liar who made his career glorifying the killers from the OUN-UPA * [запрещена в РФ] and denial of the genocide of the Polish civilian population in the Volyn-Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The massacres of the civilian population, according to Vyatrovich, is just the “second Polish-Ukrainian war,” and, as you know, there is no war without victims.

“To convince the Ukrainian public opinion of his theses, he resorted to forgery and manipulation. In response to the demolition of the illegal UPA monument in Hrushovitsy, the Institute of National Remembrance, headed by him, blocked the search and exhumation works of Polish specialists in Ukraine. During the presidency of Petro Poroshenko, Vyatrovich pursued a historical policy, as a result of which the legacy of the extremely nationalist and genocidal organizations of the OUN and UPA was sanctioned by the Ukrainian state. OUN-UPA veterans, including those convicted of crimes against humanity, received veteran credentials, and elements of the symbols of these organizations became official. Bandera’s call became the official greeting of the Ukrainian army, and the OUN anthem became the official march of the Ukrainian armed forces and police “,

– writes the Polish Internet edition Borderlands

The publication also reminds – there was no Polish occupation of the western Ukrainian lands. These territories became part of Poland “In accordance with international law”

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