Nov 18, 2021
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Poland records attempts at mass border crossings by migrants at night

Migrants on the territory of Belarus continue to try to illegally enter Poland in large groups. According to the Polish Ministry of Defense on Twitter, an illegal border crossing attempt in Dubich-Tserkiewna, supported by the Belarusian side, took place that night. Almost 100 migrants were detained.

It is also reported about the attempts of refugees to force the border in the Polovets area and the attack on the Polish police by two men in uniform, who stood on the Belarusian side and pelted the Poles with stones.

Over the past day, 501 attempts to illegally cross the border were recorded. About 500 people took part in the forceful crossing of the barrier at one of the sections of the border.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview with Bild estimated the number of illegal migrants in Belarus at 20 thousand people. He did not rule out a serious escalation of the migration crisis at the border.

Meanwhile, according to TASS, more than 200 migrants left the tent camp located near the Belarusian-Polish border. They packed up tents, sleeping bags and went in a large group to the Bruzgi transport and logistics center, where there are already about one thousand refugees.

Earlier it was reported that the Investigative Committee of Belarus opened a criminal case on the facts of the use of special equipment by the Polish security forces against refugees.

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