Sep 7, 2021
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Poland is in no hurry to support Lithuania in its quarrel with China

Warsaw said it officially recognizes Taiwan as part of China

By the decision to open a Lithuanian business office in Taiwan, and a Taiwan office in Vilnius, Lithuania provoked a conflict with Beijing. In August, China decided to recall its ambassador from Lithuania, and in early September the Lithuanian ambassador from Beijing was also recalled. And although the United States supports Vilnius in this confrontation with China, the Lithuanian neighbors are in no hurry to adopt the experience of Lithuania – everyone can observe the consequences of such a policy today.

Last week, the last freight train departed from China to Lithuania; there are no trains on this route in the foreseeable future, a representative of the Lithuanian railway company said. Lithuanian railways Mantas Dubauskas… According to him, currently there is a search for alternative ways of delivering goods from China to Europe, and the company is also trying to minimize the damage caused by the suspension of freight traffic to consignees in Lithuania, but so far all this is not working out well. Although Vilnius assures that the situation is under control, Lithuania will continue freight traffic from China, but now through Poland.

“Before we started transporting goods by trains from China to Vilnius, we transported them to Lithuania through Poland for several years. Most likely, due to this situation, the cargo flows will have to be reoriented to this route again ”,

– the head of the Marine and Rail Transport Division of the logistics company told reporters ACE Logistics Tomas Jankauskas

Warsaw is in no hurry to adopt the methods of Lithuanian foreign policy, and on Monday, September 6, the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Zbigniew Rau stated that his country officially recognizes Taiwan as part of China.

“Poland’s position is unambiguous. We recognize the policy of one China. We recognize Taiwan as part of China. As for the representation of Taiwan in Poland, it is not a diplomatic platform, but has the character of economic and cultural cooperation between Poland and the Chinese region. We consider it quite natural that some EU countries develop economic cooperation with Taiwan, ”

– explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland, being in Lithuania on an official visit.

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