Apr 20, 2022
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Poland intends to demolish monuments to soldiers of the Red Army in every village

Local Institute of National Remembrance again engaged in “decommunization”

In Poland, the dismantling of monuments associated with the feat of the Red Army is in full swing. According to Poland Radio, several monuments fell under the liquidation these days – in the village of Harnkarsko, Miedziblovsky county and Siedlce voivodeship.

“According to the law, no communist monuments with the symbols of the communist system should frighten people in public space,” Karol Nawrocki, head of the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland, said, referring to the decommunization law passed in 2016. In his opinion, the monuments of the Red Army in public places are allegedly a way of glorifying the “criminal system.” The one that saved Europe from Nazism.

The dismantling of the monument in the village of Garnkarsko was broadcast by Polish TV channels. It is significant that the monument to the soldiers of the Red Army was doused with red paint by vandals even before it was demolished. Thus, the Poles demonstrate the memory of the fish.

“The Polish regime not only supports the Nazis in Ukraine in every possible way, but also desecrates the memory of the Red Army soldiers who liberated Poland from the Nazis. Today, news feeds have been circulating shocking footage of the desecration of memorials: they were first vandalized, and then demolished in a barbaric way – with an excavator, ”the popular Belarusian telegram channel Yellow Plums comments on the actions of the Poles.

It is known that the Institute of National Remembrance of Poland brought to the local authorities the demand to remove about 60 monuments and memorials related to the Soviet era.

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