May 4, 2021
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Poland: Celebration of a failed empire

The presidents of the countries whose territory was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth arrived in Warsaw

On May 3, Poland celebrated 230 years since the adoption of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The constitution was adopted in 1791 and is considered the first constitution in Europe. The day of the adoption of the Constitution is a public holiday in Poland. In Lithuania, this date is celebrated more modestly, in Vilnius they do not forget that Lithuania in the Polish-Lithuanian union was not an equal partner. Nevertheless, the Lithuanian Seimas declared 2021 the year of the Constitution last year.

To celebrate the 230th anniversary of the Polish-Lithuanian Constitution, the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine arrived in Warsaw – the territory of all these countries, one way or another, was part of the Commonwealth, therefore this general event looks like a holiday of a failed empire.

On Monday, May 3, the celebrations began with speeches by the presidents of Poland and Lithuania at a joint meeting of the Seimas and the Senate of Poland and the Seimas of Lithuania.

“In his speech, President of the Republic of Lithuania Gitanas Nauseda emphasized the historical commonality of Lithuania and Poland, the established close bilateral relations in the field of security, defense, politics, economy and culture. The head of state also noted the current challenges in the region. The President expressed support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, he stressed that Lithuania and Poland will continue to support the striving of the Belarusian civil society for democratic changes, ”

– informs the press service of the President of Lithuania.

Nauseda did not forget to remind about the “terrible threat” for the entire region – the Belarusian nuclear power plant, noting that Vilnius will continue to fight this “threat”.

The Lithuanian President called the Constitution adopted 230 years ago, “A symbol of the common achievements of Lithuania and Poland” and “a reminder of the potential for future achievements of the two countries.”

The speaker of the Lithuanian Seimas recalled in her speech that the attitude towards the Constitution of 1791 in Lithuania is ambiguous. Victoria Cmilyte-Nelsen

“Unfortunately, there is no general agreement in Lithuania on the Constitution of May 3. There are voices saying that the name of Lithuania is not mentioned in the document, that this is a sign of the weakening of Lithuania’s sovereignty. But more and more often the opinion that it is impossible to abandon the common, by right belonging to us, the historical and cultural heritage of the Lithuanian-Polish state, of which the Constitution of May 3 is an integral part, is winning more and more often ”,

– acknowledged the speaker, stressing that all these different opinions do not prevent Lithuania from celebrating the 230th anniversary of the Constitution.

Well, the result of the meeting of the presidents in Warsaw was the signed Joint Declaration of five countries: Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The declaration says that the countries are proud of their past and their belonging to the “European civilization” and are going to all together defend “Fundamental European values”

“We believe that for all of us, the solidarity of peoples, especially in the face of modern threats to our common security, is one of the cornerstones of peace, stability, development, prosperity and sustainability. Guided by this conviction, we are committed to continuing the dialogue and cooperation of the states that we represent ”,

– says the text of the joint Declaration.

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On the picture. Presidents of Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania, source –
Office of the President of Ukraine

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