Dec 27, 2020
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Poems-riddles with answers in rhyme

Riddles in the form of poetry are easily perceived by children and adults. Riddles with rhyme answers can be long or short, informative and funny, on any topic and every taste.

Riddles in verse with rhymed answers

She and in the line, and into the cage.

It contains letters and numbers, like kids.

You can also draw in it.

What is it? School …

(notebook).*** riddle of school notebooks

Rogue and cheat,

Red-haired thief.

Sweeps tricks with his tail,

Works wonders,

And her name is …

(a fox).*** fox riddle

It is poured in the summer.

Elastic, round like a ball.

Striped like a cat

But he will not start galloping.

Lies among brothers


Sweet and mellow, heavy …

(watermelon).*** watermelon riddle

It bites in winter

Close your cheeks, ears, nose!

How many threats from him!

Cold and cold brought

Strong, crackling …

(frost). riddle of frost

Riddles with a special rhyme

In the previous section, each answer was a rhymed ending to a riddle. If we talk about riddles with complex rhyme, then it is more creative and teaches a person the basics of the subtle art of shaping poetic thought. In this case, one word rhymes with 2-3 words (including unions, prepositions, particles)… for example:

How funny they called

I am a river horse.

Maybe they didn’t know

It’s just that the alphabet is different.

Yes, I swim great

And I’m dry as water.

Only with a power step

I will never walk.

I have such legs –

Like pillars, neither give nor take.

I can only follow the path

Run two hundred meters.

And there is a surplus in the figure,

Even though I grew up on herbs.

Only did not come out with a muzzle,

The mane is not overgrown either.

And besides, fangs from half a meter

They do not give beauty.

Smile – faster than the wind

Everybody asks for chirping.

I would lie to myself on the river

In the serene silence

And to ride all day in a bridle –

This, brothers, is not for me.

Well, I’m not a horse, of course –

This is only a translation

From the language where the Greeks are forever

All the people are disturbed.

This is where I once lived

Didn’t hurt anyone.

But I got bored

And I fled to Africa.

And I will say: it is there

I lived like a hippo.

Well, here, in the midst of warm waters,

I live like …

(hippo). *** hippo riddle

Four tons in weight

And three meters tall.

You will go to the edge of the forest –

Look with all your eyes.

With your mighty horn

That grew on the nose

He will sweep everyone out of the way:

Both the tiger and the fox.

But he may not notice

Because they are blind

Don’t you dare answer him

And you are not to blame.

Sit quietly in the bushes

And watch him.

He hears very subtly

And with the sense of smell.

He is very aggressive

Strong and stern in battle,

Not lethargic or passive

Mighty …

(rhinoceros). *** rhino riddle

Small horns

And big ears

Thin legs

And lives on land.

The skin is all spotted,

Like a camouflage

And the eyes are radiant

And they hardly sleep.

Look in all directions

Very far,

So that the bird noise

Who would not sneak up.

He really likes

Summer and winter

Leaves are from acacia

In drought and heat.

Toil and seek

Wet places.

And he will find an acacia –

How to get the foliage?

The branches are like oyster mushrooms –

Straight up to heaven.

I wish he had a ladder –

He would have climbed in an instant!

But you don’t need to cry –

He will be able to eat.

In himself, almost

Meters 5 or 6.

We don’t need ladders

No columns, no graph,

The hero of our song –


(giraffe). giraffe riddle

Riddles-poems for preschoolers

Riddles for toddlers in rhyme serve as a good help when a child memorizes unfamiliar words. Children rejoice at every new word and play together with peers and adults, aware of their involvement to something meaningful.

In a dark kingdom underground,

As in epic stories,

He lives with his family

Long, long corridors.

Here there is a bedroom and a hall,

The kitchen is also there.

And there are a lot of storage rooms here,

Where the provisions are innumerable.

Although he is blind from birth,

I have never seen the light

Only to everyone’s surprise

He is a builder – anywhere.

By nature – timid:

Will not wade into the river,

But he is skillful in everything

Land user …

(mole). *** riddle of the mole

In no hurry, lives in peace.

The shield is beautiful on the back

Carries proudly and with dignity,

Like a smart shirt,

Which takes away her fear.

Walking-crawling, happy with myself

The oldest inhabitant …

(turtle).*** turtle riddle

Grandma wanted

Knead the pancakes.

Scratched all the bottom ends,

She scraped together a lot of cake.

Salted, pepper,

In general, everything that was taught …

Warmed up on fire

Has cooled down on the window.

Pancake, like fluff,

Rounded and swollen.

Ruddy, juicy, ripe,

And also – extremely brave.

He bent down a little,

Looked down and – rolled

Along the path, straight into the forest,

Where miracles are unprecedented.

Here is the Wolf towards him,

Terrible to the teeth: click.

Say, I want to eat,

And I will swallow you.

– Will you swallow me like that?

Can’t you even ask the name?

Maybe I’m a forest puddle?

Maybe even worse?

– It is not proper for me to contradict,

All evil spirits are in my teeth …

Well, and he answered him:

– You cannot eat what is not.

Call me first

Who am I – a ball, a ball, a bastard?

The wolf strained his empty pubis,

But that was …

(gingerbread man) the riddle of the kolobok

Poetic riddles for elementary school students

For older children, riddles help develop ingenuity, imagination, creative imagination, speed of thinking. Guys identify riddles in directions, unmistakably call the topic:



flora and fauna;

weather and geography.

Below are several riddles with rhyme answers on the topic of the animal kingdom. She is considered one of the favorites among children.

With a sharp and mustachioed muzzle,

Lights instead of eyes

With reddish hair on top,

Bottom – white as satin.

Very cute creature

With a black pip on the nose

But at the same time bloodthirsty

Not to be found in the whole forest.

The record holder for robberies

She was recognized for a long time

Roosters and chickens even with a fight

Wins anyway.

But he is not afraid

No people and no dogs

Even make friends with a cat

Maybe just like that.

What a strange beast

Who is behind the mask?

Do you believe me or not,

But this little animal – …

(You are welcome). *** weasel riddle

It’s not easy to see him:

Lives in a hole and sleeps all day

Not very small,

And he was too lazy to get up to eat.

It doesn’t work like that in winter

From its earthen passages.

And he finds food in fat,

That I have accumulated before the cold weather.

All summer nights he digs

A home under the foliage.

Then he yawns and falls asleep

Our furry sloth.

He runs fast, but his body

There is no time for running.

He would lie – this is the case,

All because he – …

(Badger). *** the riddle of the badger

To build a dam

They don’t need a tool.

Instantly gnawed the aspen

And put in a moment

With a sharp edge in the damp bottom,

Twigs, branches – across.

With clay, silt and bark

They blocked the stream.

Not pugnacious, not noisy,

Kind to others

Business people, not lazy

Architects – …

(beavers). *** riddle of beavers

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