Apr 29, 2021
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Podolskaya said that “Star Factory” left the participants with nothing

According to the singer, people performed on the project for fame and success, but did not receive it. Natalia herself, too, is no longer so actively engaged in vocals, as if before.

Podolskaya said that

Natalia Podolskaya gave an interview to the YouTube channel FameTime TV, where she spoke about the Star Factory project, which was popular in the 2000s.

In her opinion, the project to some extent ruined the fate of the participants. She says that many performed there for success and fame, but did not receive them. She herself is no longer so fractionally engaged in vocals. Natalia is married to Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., the couple is raising two children.

Podolskaya says that she remembers the “Star Factory” with warmth, and she was also a little more fortunate than other participants in the project. From her season, only three people remained in show business: Miguel, Yulianna Karaulova and Victoria Daineko.

Podolskaya also told why she did not become the winner of the season. She signed a contract with Viktor Drobysh, but he did not become the producer of the project in her 2004. “They didn’t know that they would drain me, but they had to drain me, because Fadeev and Matvienko didn’t need me anymore, but I got along countlessly for the show,” concluded the singer.

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