Sep 9, 2022
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Podberezkin: APU will face problems when using Excalibur shells

Podberezkin: APU will face problems when using Excalibur shells

There is nothing strange in the fact that the United States gave Ukraine its “most accurate Excalibur GPS-guided artillery shells.” After all, these ammunition are universal and can be used with both American howitzers and French guns. But if used incorrectly, these shells can lead to gun malfunction.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, head of the Center for Military-Political Research at MGIMO, spoke about this on Sputnik radio. Alexey Podberezkin.

Earlier, Bloomberg, referring to budget documents not yet published, reported that the Pentagon had transferred Excalibur shells to Kyiv and intended to replenish its own stocks of these ammunition in the amount of $92 million.

Podberezkin: APU will face problems when using Excalibur shells

Commenting on this news, Alexei Podberezkin recalled that Excalibur artillery shells, or, perhaps, their prototypes, had previously been supplied by the Americans to Ukraine. Therefore, reports about the current supply of the Pentagon can be trusted.

“Strictly speaking, there are no miracles here, because these shells fit both American M777 howitzers and French guns. This is a fairly versatile ammo. By the way, they have a huge cost – more than 100 thousand dollars one shell costs, ”the military expert noted.

Podberezkin: APU will face problems when using Excalibur shells

According to Podberezkin, the United States now has Excalibur projectiles in service, the effective range of which reaches 40 kilometers, and the probable deviation from the target is ten meters.

That is, this is the previous modification of these ammunition, since their upgraded version is both more accurate and more long-range.

“Their active-reactive range is up to 90 kilometers, they use a gas turbine engine, it turns on during the flight. And the accuracy has been increased to three meters, including thanks to GPS,” the expert said.

These shells, if they come into the possession of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, can seriously complicate the position of the Russian troops. But still, they will not become “the decisive factor in the armed struggle,” Podberezkin is sure. After all, the fighting is not carried out by the shells and guns themselves. Fighting people in whose hands this weapon is.

“These are, first of all, intelligence officers, spotters, senior battery officers and gunners – [боевые действия ведут] these people, depending on their qualifications. By the way, according to some information, it was these shells, if used incorrectly, that caused all sorts of problems for the guns from which they were used, in particular, for German howitzers, ”added the expert.

According to him, using these ammunition, the Ukrainian army may face serious problems.

Podberezkin: APU will face problems when using Excalibur shells

We must not forget that the Russian troops have already slaughtered almost the entire qualified staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And new professional gunners cannot be trained in two or three months. They cannot be prepared even in six months, the expert stressed.

“You can, of course, teach a monkey to insert ammunition, but this will be of little use. Therefore, there will be a problem with the use of these weapons,” Podberezkin predicted.

Let us recall that earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not abandoning attempts to arrange a man-made disaster at the Zaporizhzhya NPP, fired at the city of Energodar six times from long-range artillery. In total, 27 shells were fired at the peaceful city from the Ukrainian side during the day, the department added.

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