Sep 21, 2021
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“Pocket CEC, sofa electorate”

Photo: Artem Geodakyan / TASS

The site of the “bears” is filled with glee and deep satisfaction. The inscription is given in large letters: “Pure and honest victory:” United Russia “takes first place in the elections to the State Duma”, which can be translated as “Life is good”… Of course, it was a success – for the top and beneficiaries of the current government.

Naturally, United Russia members thank the voters and claim that they have earned a majority in parliament. Like, “The party has proved more than once that it knows how to respond to challenges”… Especially if, as they gossip on the web, “Pocket CEC, sofa electorate”

“I would like to note the high organization of the elections and thank the Central Election Commission. It was one of the most transparent election campaigns ”, – assured the secretary of the General Council of the party “bears” Andrey Turchak… He cites over 100,000 observers from his party. As the saying goes, the “reinforced concrete” argument.

If you believe our electoral committee, “the most honest and transparent” in the world, the unsinkable EdRo is indeed ahead of all parties. The preliminary sounded alignment is as follows: “United Russia” – 49.83%, the Communist Party – 18.94%, LDPR – 7.51%, “Fair Russia – For the Truth” – 7.47% and the dark horse “New People” – 5 , 33%.

Ella Pamfilova, the head of the federal election commission, voicing these figures, admitted: “This is our reputation”

But when you look at the results by region, there is a persistent sense of dissonance. Take, for example, Karelia, which the United Russia party considers to be their electoral domain. According to the results of the elections to the State Duma, the “bears” gained 31.82%, and to the Legislative Assembly of the region – for some reason, only 28.96%. The difference is 2.86%.

Aha, it is significant, a responsible voter came to the polling station and decided for himself that the federal United Russia is better than the local. It is not clear, but what if they are made from the same political test?

Okay, let’s move on. Let us stop our piercing gaze on the westernmost region of our vast Motherland. And here a similar picture of mismatch is drawn. So, according to the results of processing 100% of the protocols during the elections of deputies to the regional Duma of the Kaliningrad region, EdRo gained 38.95%, and to the State Duma – 41.12%. That is, approximately 2.17%, or approximately 8.64 thousand voters, threw ballots with different political preferences into the ballot boxes. It seems that these people have allowed themselves a small holiday of disobedience.

Whatever it was, but emotions overwhelm not only United Russia, but also anti-United Russia, however, negative. Fortunately, you can speak on the Internet about what is boiling in your soul. The forums are discussing the “clean and honest” victory of EdRa. First of all, not indifferent citizens are curious about who these “X” people who cast their votes for the “bears” – for the very ones who carried out the cannibalistic pension reform, are. Well, our Russian people are not like the one who turns his left cheek, having received on the right. Therefore, such comments are not uncommon:

“And who are all these people who voted for United Russia? None of my acquaintances. Okay, this is a drop in the ocean, of course, but also a certain indicator. “

“Let’s wish good to those people who rigged the results, may their children and grandchildren be fine.”

“Well, rogue. Voted? Thank you. From December 1, the cost of public transport will increase. With the onset of the new year, we will increase housing and communal services. It’s really joyful to live when there are such people in the country !!! ”.

User with nickname 21794248 believes that the bears lost: “I want to say that this is a complete failure of the EP in any case– he writes. – Let me explain: Option 1 – the elections were crystal fair and transparent, and at the same time they will gain 45-46%, that is, they are supported by less than half, and if we take those who did not vote, even less. Option 2 (more plausible) – for the EP they wound up at least 10-15% percent (stuffing + state employees), that is, the real percentage for the EP is no more than 30-35%. I am more or less ready to believe in this figure (I don’t deny that there are those who sincerely support United Russia, I know such people) ”

And people are also surprised by the steadily growing numbers in favor of EdRa as the votes are counted. If you look at the dynamics in other countries, then the intrigue, as a rule, persists until the very end. The indicators of this or that party are growing, then falling, but not at the department of Ella Pamfilova. That is, the farther west people live, the more fans of “blue bears” there are among them.

So a certain skeptic under a pseudonym Anand writes: “I don’t believe in the results! We argue purely mathematically! First, they write to us: “United Russia” – 40%, the Communist Party – 20%. If we adhere to this logic, then for United Russia – 2 people, and for the Communist Party – 1 person. … So why, by the end of the calculations, the percentage of only United Russia is growing? “

And there is also an opinion: “Go – don’t go (to the polls)”, all the same in Russia no one voluntarily renounced power and will not refuse, except for Nicholas II and Mikhail Gorbachev… Although they “voluntarily refused” under pressure. However, many historians write about these personalities as weak-willed figures, for whom the hat Monomakh was too heavy. Dmitriy Medvedev, according to a number of experts, does not count. He was like a locum tenens, not a master of the Kremlin.

For example, a person who signed up as VitalightI am sure that there are no fair elections in our country at all. In his opinion: “I also naively believed earlier and went to vote. And it was always wildly insulting when time after time your candidate and your party gains steadily <…>… And then I realized: vote, don’t vote, you will get it anyway <…> “United Russia”. And you just understand – this leader and his entire clique will never give anything to anyone and nothing. “

However, more and more often the opposite voices are heard among the people that, they say, we ourselves are to blame for the results. So forum user ilya8400 attacked passive citizens – couch observers with criticism. His post is like a cry from the heart: “I have more questions not for the crooks from United Russia, but for the majority who have served their time at home. I was an observer for the first time in this election. With my own eyes I saw how it all happens. We ourselves are to blame for the situation in the country. And we will pay for our passivity. “

Spelling and punctuation of the truth-teller are preserved.

A certain lady agrees with the truth-teller ilya8400 cherepanovea: “With this opinion, we will always be at… (fifth point). I already wrote, I have 90 workers at work, all are against EdR, but no one went to the vote. I interviewed everyone – they said they would not go, I and the master went. Out of 90 people, only 2 went. And fans of EdRa came in full force. Are you familiar with mathematics? However, this sin is on those who did not come, now let them live in hell “

However, some people see only one funny alternative to EdRu: “Let’s dig Brezhnev – let’s live as before “… In short, the elections, no matter how boastful Turchak and Co, the “bears” lost. Most importantly, the dubious results will still come back to haunt the 2024 presidential campaign.

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