Apr 3, 2021
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PMCs proposed to use against submarines at Nord Stream 2

Foreign warships arrived in the area of ​​the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. According to the pipeline operator, ships, vessels, military aircraft and submarines are being used to create provocative situations and obstruct construction. In the construction area, the forces of the Polish Navy, and possibly other NATO countries, are concentrated. Their actions could have damaged the Fortuna barge. We have learned from experts what retaliatory actions Russia can take.

The situation in the Baltic Sea, where the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is underway, remains tense. On Friday, the agency “Ukrinform” with reference to the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine reported that the vessels involved in the construction of the gas pipeline may pose an environmental threat to the region. The publication notes that construction ships are in disrepair. The agency sums up: if the pace of construction increases, and additional tasks are assigned to the equipment, this could lead to a man-made disaster.

At the same time, foreign media, as a rule, ignore the possible threat that NATO warships in the region may pose to construction ships. According to the operator of the construction of Nord Stream 2, Nord Stream 2 AG, the appearance of an unidentified submarine in the region on March 28 could damage the ship Fortuna and the gas pipeline itself, since the unidentified submarine surfaced less than a mile away – and the anchor lines of Fortuna »Are more than a mile away. That is, the anchor positioning of the barge could be disabled.

The Polish Navy, whose warships are actively maneuvering around the pipeline, has officially disowned participation in the incident. Previously, Polish military aircraft were also seen in the area.

Expert Alexei Leonkov, the actions of NATO countries and, first of all, Poland, may lead to an escalation in the region. Including with the participation of military forces.

– In accordance with the articles of the law of the sea, the ships that are building have a certain buffer zone associated with the pipeline. This kind of provocation can lead to the fact that a serious accident can occur. This time. Second, various regulations are envisaged for the protection of this zone. And from this type of threat that Poland poses – fishing seiners that crash into construction ships, submarines and the like, it is worth taking protective measures. Including the military.

If there are provocations with the use of weapons, then additional forces must be sent to protect this enterprise, which is working at sea. He should be taken under the protection of PMCs or private security companies. From our side – private security companies, from Germany – PMCs. So that they make it clear to their presumptuous comrades that the object is protected. If this does not help, you need to attract more serious funds in the form of patrol ships of the Baltic Fleet or the German Navy. After all, the German company is the main contractor. You need to divide the defense into two.

– In Ukraine, they said that the construction ships are old and this could cause an environmental disaster. But at the same time Poland “attacks” these very ships. Is there a plan here?

-Yes, very similar to that. If ships are damaged, a man-made accident may occur. For example, a fuel leak. And then they will say, “Well, we said that there are old ships there, they can damage the environment.” I would say that what is happening in the Baltic distracts from what is happening in the Donbass. The factor of surprise in a possible Ukrainian offensive was lost. To divert attention from events in the south, here’s a new spot that will grab attention. Nord Stream, pirates, mad fishermen. We still need to figure out what kind of fishermen, by the way. This will be the key topic. These provocations will continue until the attention of the media and the public shifts from Donbass.

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