Sep 10, 2021
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"Please shave": Putin reacted to the record rise in gas prices in Europe

The President of Russia believes that the reason for the rise in fuel prices was the market pricing invented by the “smart guys from the European Commission.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the record rise in gas prices in Europe and linked it to the policy of the European regulator.

“On the spot now in Europe – $ 650 per thousand cubic meters. But these clever people in the last European Commission came up with market pricing for gas, this is the result,” Putin said.

At the same time, he noted that we have a different approach – with reference to the price of oil, which is regulated by the market, but the fluctuations there are not so sharp.

Those who have guessed to conclude long-term contracts with Russia for the supply of gas, now, in the words of the head of state, “can only rub their hands and rejoice”, because otherwise they would have to pay $ 650 per cubic meter, while Germany long-term contracts are delivered at $ 220.

With the rise in oil prices, this price will rise, but it will be a soft thing. And Gazprom is interested in this, because it creates a certain safety cushion for it. There will be no sharp fall and collapse of prices. That’s the whole point. Beneficial for everyone. Well, so at one time they came up with the idea in the European Commission, now please shave, you got the desired result,

– summed up the President of Russia.

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