Jul 15, 2020
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Played by Duda said that he saw through Vovan and Lexus. Prankers summed up Polish vodka

According to the Polish leader, he understood who he was dealing with when the prankers who called him on behalf of UN Secretary General Antoniu Guterres were able to spell out the word “cramming” without hesitation - that’s the name of a Polish alcoholic drink that is as strong as Russian vodka. Duda emphasized that the Portuguese Gutteres would not have given this word so easily.

The Secretary General does not pronounce the word “cramming” so well, even though the voice was very similar, the president said.

Screenshot: Telegram / RIA News

Nevertheless, it remains unclear why Duda, knowing that he was being played, continued the conversation instead of hanging up.

Earlier it was reported that Russian prankers Vovan and Lexus played the Polish president by calling him on behalf of the UN Secretary General. They congratulated their interlocutor on their victory in the elections, and also discussed the most “pressing issues”. In particular, the prankers asked why Warsaw was waging war on Soviet monuments. Dude had to hastily make excuses. He stated that the Polish authorities had nothing against the monuments, although several similar incidents did occur. At the end of the conversation, Vovan and Lexus offered Poland to take away the originally Polish lands occupied by Ukraine, finally scaring the president.

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