Mar 31, 2021
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Playboy cover cost Nastya Ivleevei several million rubles

The development of the cover with the photo of Nastya Ivleeva for the Russian version of the men’s magazine Playboy lasted the whole month, and the star completely controlled the whole process.

Playboy cover cost Nastya Ivleevei several million rubles

Art director of the Cameraptor studio in Yekaterinburg, Dmitry Zhuravlev, who worked hard on the TV presenter’s project, told E1.RU that the shooting for Playboy were organized on the initiative of Ivleeva herself, and she coordinated all the details.

Photoshoot took place in a capsule hotel to create an atmosphere of outer space

According to Zhuravlev, Nastya is a perfectionist. All the details of the filming were coordinated through her.

“It took about a month for the entire project. Moreover, innumerable time was spent on negotiations, coordination, discussion, ”said the art director.

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To create a spectacular image, Ivleeva was shot naked, Zhuravlev opened the shooting details.

“These are photos with a mix of 3D graphics, so much so that there actually was an open photo session,” he said.

The art director added that everything was developed in advance: “how it will look, what poses”. At the same time, the details of the Ivlev photo shoot were classified, Zhuravlev admitted.

The TV presenter presented the Playboy cover as a present for her 30th birthday. It cost Ivleeva several million rubles. All expenses for shooting and design were paid by the blogger herself.

Earlier it was reported that Nastya Ivleeva spent on a party in honor of its 30th anniversary, 16 million rubles.

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