Apr 29, 2021
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Platoshkin, the court is underway, please sit down!

In the photo: Nikolai Platoshkin, diplomat, head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Moscow University for the Humanities

In the photo: Nikolai Platoshkin, diplomat, head of the Department of International Relations and Diplomacy of the Moscow Humanitarian University (Photo: Sergei Fadeichev / TASS)

One can disagree with Nikolayevich, but he sank into his head instantly. For – “not standard”. I remember well how we almost had a fight with him on the Right to Vote program in 2018. Platoshkin then he first appeared on television or, in the opinion of the sworn opponent – the deputy Fedorova, “Was dumped by the Americans with billions of money”

About Fedorov – not by chance, it is his rumor that Platoshkin is the initiator of the current case, and at first he tried to ascribe the “laurels” of exposing the “American spy” to himself, but then he began to carefully drift off the topic. They say, “I did not write the denunciation,” but simply “paid attention.” By the way, if the new socialist is going to be tried for his words, it would not be bad for the United Russia Nod member to answer for his own. Well, for the sake of political balance. After all, using a metaphor to address an antagonist, even an offensive one, is one thing. And to accuse them of a crime provided for by the Criminal Code is quite another.

Platoshkin tried to “search” against Fedorov, including for the phrase: “Of course he’s a CIA spy!” Where everything is perfect. Starting with the affirmative particle “of course”, which does not allow to reduce the sentence from affirmative to interrogative, or at least “reflective”. And ending with the specifics of the “CIA”. And why – not an NSA spy or the “Bureau of Research” of the State Department – American intelligence has 17 specialized communities, including, for example, the intelligence agency of the US Coast Guard.

Statements duplicating heavy articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation are not postulated, they are proved. He said – CIA, be kind – justify, otherwise why is there such a legal concept as defamation? Or at least “protection of civil honor and dignity.” However, the most Kaliningrad court in the world (at the place of registration of the defendant) decided otherwise. Say, what is not blurry in the “political discussion.” Therefore, let us understand Fedorov and forgive him.

This parallel trial (the plaintiff was represented by lawyers, he himself took part by videoconference) is also not in vain mentioned. Among the acts incriminated to Platoshkin – “Dissemination of knowingly false information about circumstances that pose a threat to the life and safety of citizens”… Remember the “amendments” to the legislation, hastily adopted for the COVID-19 pandemic? Now attention!

“False information” by Platoshkin was later published in the leading Russian media already from the words of experts (there are no claims to them). That is, other people said about the same thing as he did. The lawyers made a whole selection of publications from similar statements and asked to be included in the materials of the criminal case. Again, for balance at least. Alas, the application was rejected, like many others. To whom – “value judgments”, to whom – “knowingly false information”. Fedorov – “discussed”, Platoshkin – “disseminated.” Here you are not here, you need to understand!

However, petty 207.1 (restriction of freedom up to 3 years) is a relative trifle in comparison with 212 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (up to 10 years). According to the investigation, Platoshkin “persuaded, recruited” and otherwise involved citizens in “riots”. What it is? I will not say for sure, because everyone in their own way represents riots with “violence, pogroms, arson, destruction of property, posing a danger to others.” In July 2020, the Armenians clashed with the Azerbaijanis on the territory of Moscow because of the events in Nagorno-Karabakh. Then they were thrown out of the markets, and shops with restaurants were smashed, and diplomatic missions were attacked. Robberies and grievous injuries. They “massively” waved fittings and “randomly” knocked on cars.

And there was a trial. Not all of them, of course – whom we managed to detain in hot pursuit. They asked “not to punish severely” and they were heard – two years in prison for each. For hooliganism (article 213). Not for “mass riots” (Article 212). It is good that Platoshkin had been under house arrest for a month and a half by the time the Armenians and Azerbaijanis massively “hooligans”. Though here nobody “involved”.

I confess that I saw that video by Platoshkin, sincerely unaware that I was getting acquainted with a potential crime. When clicked, they put the headline: “I blew up the Internet”, which is clearly weak compared to “Up to ten years in prison.” If you cut words from there, or even better letters, you can probably summon the devil. Only it is not known where and at what time the horned one should appear, because in the video there is no specifics, no “X hour”, no goal-setting. It’s funny that according to the results of the first examination, the experts came to the conclusion “that there are no extremist appeals in the video materials”. To clarify, the examinations are not lawyers – the investigation. But everything is fixable, isn’t it?

I will not be indignant at the “lawlessness”, complain about the “strangeness”, and even more so to erect vain on the power in its “madness”. On the contrary, everything is logical and practical: what is it, stand for the truth, you sit for the truth! You are too memorable, an ulcer on the body of “stability”. Therefore, either the lesson will go for the future, or the elections to the State Duma will be held, or interest in you will pass, and it is desirable that everything at once. Platoshkin persists, does not refuse his words, does not admit guilt and demands prompt justice over himself. Well, there will be a Gagarin court for you.

By the way, the police persuaded the supporters of Platoshkin who had gathered at the beginning of the trial to disperse, using the argument “participation in an illegal event”. What are you hinting at? Otherwise, as usual, two were detained.

I have a dream. Not the same as Luther King, of course, but still. I want to see everyone at the same table at once – Platoshkin, Navalny, Udaltsova, Dyomushkina and not only. Hear their argument, and maybe swearing, or maybe swearing. But so that they sit at the table, and not somewhere else. It is very useful for everyone and much more interesting than the same, in the same, in the same place.

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