Sep 23, 2021
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Plants are as lively as animals

Especially for vegans, commonplace biological facts.

There is a biological fact – when giraffes eat acacia, the trees react to this by quickly throwing bitter substances into the leaves. Because of this, if the giraffes eat acacia, and the wind blows from them, then the acacia in the literal sense of the word will drip about the giraffes to all other acacias about a hundred meters around and they will also inject bitterness in order to complicate life for a long time, and lengthen themselves. Therefore, giraffes come from such a side that the wind would blow on them and eat the leaves, always moving in the direction of the wind. Then the acacia, which has begun to become bitter, will drip only to those who are behind, but not to those who are in front …

Another example of analog rationality, which means full life in plants. If you say right away, the plants feel pain, often do not want to be eaten and defend themselves in every possible way.

There is a model plant rezukhovidka thal, which means this plant is used all over the world by biologists for experiments, so that there would be lines of research on the same plant, a kind of analogue of mice and rats. So when a caterpillar eats it or a person cuts it, the rezuhovidka manages to tell herself about it. The speed is 1 mm per second. Moreover, the substance that triggers the reaction and makes the gum bitter is glutamate. And glutamate is also the causative agent of reactions in animals and for immunity. This means that it is common to all living things, more precisely to plants and animals, which means that plants are our relatives, not ancestors, but relatives, albeit distant ones.

So pain spreads over the leaf … Glutamate triggered the spread of calcite.

So when a giraffe eats a stock, and a vegan eats carrots, plums or parsley, then we can state with all scientific validity:

Plants are basically the same alive as all animals.

Plants do not want their leaves to be ripped before they naturally dry out.

Some plants know how to become more bitter in response to eating their leaves-organs. This means they can react like animals and that means they think in their own way. Their actions are simpler, but who told vegans that if one person is simpler than the other, he is less worthy of life ?!

If an animal is anesthetized and cut, does it become a plant? It seems not … But after all, plants are just as silent, but pain is also bad for them, they are in pain in their own way and they respond to pain with actions.

Output. Plants are fundamentally no different from any animal. And therefore vegans either do not have the right to eat them, or they are simply two-faced creatures, without a conscience, but with a desire to highlight their ego and seem uniquely kind, but in fact vegans are uniquely deceitful.

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