Oct 14, 2021
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Plant care in winter

Plant care in winter

In order for the flowers to live comfortably, and for the residents themselves, you should use our advice

Many florists, and just housewives, are worried about caring for plants in winter. Indeed, during the winter period there is little sun in our apartments, and the radiators create dry air.

In order for the flowers to live comfortably, and for the residents themselves, a certain humidity in the apartment should be maintained. This can be done using a factory air humidifier or simply by placing containers with water on the heating batteries – the water evaporates and creates a level of humidity.

If possible, remove the flowers from the windowsill – cold glasses will have a detrimental effect on your plants. If this is not possible, then place a transparent screen, for example, made of plastic film, between the flower and the window glass. Alternatively, move the pot away from the glass.

Watering plants in winter is necessary less often – preferably no more than once a week. Indeed, in winter, our flowers are less active and consume less moisture. However, they need to be watered, although less often, but more abundantly. Moisture should completely saturate the ground to the last root.

For watering in winter, it is better to prepare water in advance. If you use tap water, then it must be filtered, boiled and insisted at room temperature for at least two to three days.

A pleasant moment for a plant in winter will be a shower. You can wash them twice a week under a warm shower. However, during the washing process, make sure that no water gets on the ground.

And lastly, do not forget to feed the soil on which the flowers grow. In winter, such a top dressing will prevent leaves from falling out.

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