Jul 3, 2020
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Pirogovka did not agree with the opinion that mechanical ventilation is a “murder weapon”

According to the department head of resuscitation NMHTS them. N.I. Pirogov Vitaly Gusarov, mechanical ventilation allows you to save the most hopeless patients with COVID-19.

On his Facebook page, the doctor shared the results of the work of the intensive care unit for three weeks and focused on the statistics of patients who needed mechanical ventilation. According to the doctor, to date, 6 patients have been discharged (18.2% of the total number of patients on mechanical ventilation), 8 (24.2%) have died. 4 people (12.1%) were transferred from the department of anesthesiology-resuscitation (OAR) and continue treatment in a hospital.

“We will not think about them, but two with a good prospect for the nearest discharge, we hope to write out the other two a little later, while they need dialysis. Continues treatment in the OAR - 15 (45.5%). The most difficult group, but there are patients with a good prospect, ”Gusarov writes.

The doctor also published a breakdown of age for discharged patients on mechanical ventilation:

18-44 years - 3 (50%);

45-60 years - 2 (33.3%);

61-74 years - 0;

75-90 years - 1 (17.7%). Yes, yes, 88 years old !;

older than 90 years - 0.

Gusarov noted that patients of different age groups are seriously ill, and mechanical ventilation is not a “murder weapon,” as some doctors say, but another intensive care tool that can save hopeless patients.

“You must understand that if we did not apply this method, then there would be 33 deaths now! - writes Vitaly Gusarov and added that elderly patients also have a chance of recovery.

Earlier, JAMA magazine updated the largest report to date, which showed that in the hospitals of the largest medical network in New York, 25% of patients with COVID-19 who were on mechanical ventilation died. Before that, scientists reported the death of 88% of patients, but changed the results after receiving more data.

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