Jun 22, 2022
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Pierre Narcisse’s cause of death determined

Today it became known that the famous “chocolate bunny” Pierre Narcisse has died at the age of 45. There was information that the artist had serious health problems, he suffered from asthma, and during a recent examination, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and was urgently admitted to the hospital for surgery.

Pierre Narcisse's cause of death determined

Yesterday afternoon, he felt fine, but by the evening the situation worsened and the artist was put into a coma, from which he no longer came out – his heart could not withstand the load.

“An emergency operation was carried out at night. Pierre died without regaining consciousness. Our last meeting was in the Nemchinovka park at a fashion show. He felt bad then, he didn’t even go out to the audience … Until the main people arrived, he didn’t go out. At the same time, he developed asthma, after which he did not want to come to events, ”said Sergey Dvortsov, a friend and director of Pierre Narcisse.

Pierre Narcisse's cause of death determined

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