Oct 6, 2021
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Photographing food can lead to overeating

Scientists from Georgia Southern University recruited 145 students and divided them into two groups. Volunteers were given plates of cheese crackers and one of the groups was asked to first photograph them and then eat them.

After the meal, participants were asked to rate how much they liked the crackers and whether they wanted supplements. It turned out that most of all the appetite was played out among the students who photographed the food. This effect was most noticeable in volunteers who received six crackers, rather than twelve like everyone else.

According to scientists, the process of photography itself changes the way the brain perceives food and increases the desire to eat more, which can lead to the consumption of extra calories and weight gain.

“Our results show that taking photographs while eating is associated with greater desire for food after eating. In addition, for small portions, shooting while consuming is associated with great taste for food, ”the study authors wrote.

However, earlier studies found benefits in photographing food. For example, scientists have found that the process of shooting food from good angles makes the brain focus more on the smell and aroma of food, which promotes good digestion.

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