Mar 30, 2021
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Phobias and Bygone Lives: Why We Tremble Heights or Waters

Phobias and Bygone Lives: Why We Tremble Heights or Waters

Bioenergy experts believe that our phobias are inextricably linked to our past lives. All of them can be explained and overcome. The time has come to find out what are the reasons for our trepidation.

While letting go of anxiety can be simple, it is much more difficult to fight with real trepidation. They are imprinted in our aura and soul, so we cannot simply take and give up on them.

Experts believe that our phobias are directly related to past lives. This means that fearless people, rather in total, have a young soul, which has not yet experienced difficulties and dangers.

Of course, our tremors are not always associated with past lives, but if some fear is very great and does not allow us to live serenely, one hundred percent of its roots lie in our past incarnations.

In this case, the tremors are obsessive, extremely strong, and lead to problems in different areas of life. It should be noted that our crushing in this case trembles death, and the rest of the tremors are already portrayed as derivatives.

Fear of loneliness… There are people who do not want to be alone for a second. Experts believe that such a person could have been forced to spend countless hours alone in his past life.

Crowd fear… The former life of such a person could end with a public execution. Crowd fear is also likely among those who died in the war.

Fear of weakness… Often there are people who are called hypochondriacs. If a person is constantly looking for some kind of ailment in himself, spends all the pennies on doctors and lives in constant trepidation to get sick, in the past incarnation he could be very disastrously ill and die from this.

Fear of heat… Such a phobia is rare. Rather, in total, such a person suffered very much or even died from fire in a past life.

Fear of animals… If a person trembles insects, in a past incarnation he could suffer from their influence or even lose his life. The same goes for predators or dogs.

Fear of water… In one of the past lives, a person could drown. It is revered that if a person cannot even stand in shallow water, this means death during a shipwreck or flood.

Claustrophobia… This is the fear of confined spaces. Such people in one of their past lives could die from the collapse of a house, find themselves covered with snow during the descent of an avalanche.

Fear of heights… A lot of people tremble at heights, but not all of them tremble in panic. If a person in a past life fell from a great height and died or received some kind of injury, this may cause his panic fear of heights in the current life. Such people even think trembling about the height.

Unfortunately, there is no universal weapon and no technique. It is great only to remember that the more you are afraid of something, the more airy it is to free yourself from this trepidation. There is nothing hellish in the water or in the height. It’s simply imprinted on your soul and stayed with you from past lives.

Try to take and face your awe. They will not leave you until you realize that you are afraid of something that is not worth trembling. Wearing cupronickel jewelry, as well as talismanic stones such as diamond, monthly stone, white-boiled quartz, will help to weaken the impact of trepidation.

Six useful tips and practices will help you speed up the process of dealing with any everyday tremors. Use them in more detail to live an absolute life and forget forever about what makes you easy.

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