Nov 9, 2021
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Philip Kirov and his children were not allowed on the plane


Singer Philip Kirkorov found himself in a quandary.

The artist got into trouble the day before due to the restrictions associated with the pandemic. The king of pop music was returning with children from Dubai, where he flew with children for the Sail festival. The artist took advantage of the fact that his son and daughter were on vacation at school and took them with him on a business trip. But I could not return it on time to the beginning of my studies.

Kirkorov was supposed to fly out the day before, but he was not allowed on the flight due to the lack of test results for covid on his hands. The singer was not familiar with the rules and was sure that they would be registered without analysis. According to Philip, the responsibility for what happened lies with the representatives of the tour operator, who allegedly did not give him this information.

Philip Kirkorov
Philip Kirkorov

We missed school, but we have a good reason. We weren’t put on a flight yesterday because we didn’t have a PCR test“, – said Kirkorov.

His children, by the way, study at an elite private school in the Moscow region. Initially, the artist planned that Alla-Victoria and Martin would receive education at a “simple” school, but a year later he took the documents and transferred them to a paid education. The heirs, most likely, will not follow in the footsteps of their father. Kirkorov’s daughter wants to become a designer, and his son is making progress in sports.

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