Nov 12, 2022
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Philip Kirkorov was slipped a used watch for ten million


Singer Philip Kirkorov was very offended by such a gift for a sucker.

Philip Kirkorov, who went into revelations with journalist Alena Zhigalova, told a lot about himself. In particular, about his polygamy and, accordingly, a stormy personal life.

And also about how he was brazenly deceived by slipping a gift with a trick that let him down at the most inopportune moment. And it would be nice if the donor was someone unknown, otherwise a respected and rich man, from whom Bedrosovich clearly did not expect a set-up. It was he who handed Kirkorov a watch for big money. And they periodically stop and generally “go crazy.”

I will tell you an amazing secret. I was given this watch for my anniversary, a gift from a very rich man. Well, I’m wondering: the brand, everything … When I started monitoring, I was stunned by the price. Do you know how much these watches cost – half a million euros”, Philippe showed the accessory to the camera.

Philip Kirkorov - photo from the archive -
Philip Kirkorov – photo from the archive – “Instagram is a banned organization on the territory of the Russian Federation”

It is clear that he immediately began to brag about them and even put them on for Eurovision, where the Russians were not invited at all. But Kirkorov is on the side of all the sanctions, so he went there privately.

I took them with me to the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy, put on this watch, and they began to shamelessly lag behind – for two hours, then they began to go crazy again. You know what it turned out – they gave me a used broken watch. Although the person is so rich, so famous…”, – the singer is sad on the air of the show “Alena, damn it!”.

Although he admitted the possibility that the donor himself might not know about the shortcomings of the chronometer, he was somehow very reluctant. Kirkorov is still more inclined to conclude that he took the mega star of the Russian stage “for a sucker.” And it’s very, you know, insulting.

But he immediately added that he would not tell him about disappointment. As if the broadcast with a demonstration of defective watches is not enough for this.

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