Sep 26, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov spoke about the mystical influence of an unusual painting on his life

The king of the national stage Philip Kirkorov spoke about an extraordinary picture that had a serious impact on his fate and changed the artist’s life.

A certain Moldovan artist painted a portrait of the singer, in which the performer of the hit “My only one” is represented as Woland – the character of Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita”. At the same time, Kirkorov claims that in fact his character does not correspond to the popular hero.

“People see me as Woland, a demon, a devil. In general, I am a bright person, I am far from blackness, ”said the singer.

Despite this, the pop king hung an unusual painting in the living room of his mansion. After that, the artist noticed the mystical influence that the work of the Moldovan artist has on the artist’s life.

“As soon as she got into my house, everything changed for me, it changed dramatically – for the better. My life has changed, my creative component, my personal component has changed, “Kirkorov shared on the air of the program” You Won’t Believe It! ” on the NTV channel.

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