Apr 19, 2021
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Philip Kirkorov shared his impressions of the performance of his 88-year-old father in the show “Mask”

08:20, 04/19/2021

The 53-year-old pop king of the Russian stage called Bedros Filippovich a hero and his idol.

Last Sunday on NTV came the first semi-final of the second season of the show “Mask”. The special guests of the program were the stars, who performed in the costumes of the Sultan and the Elephant. The first to declassify the hero of the Disney cartoon “Aladdin”… He sang a song from “Prisoner of the Caucasus” “If I were a sultan” and immediately attracted the children of the chairman of the star jury Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov, who later admitted that they immediately recognized who was in the life-size puppet.

Sultan’s performance in the “Mask” show

The strongest emotions were experienced by Philip Kirkorov. The 53-year-old pop-king of Russian pop music did not expect that his 88-year-old father performed under the guise of the Sultan. He was so shocked that he did not try to hide it. And after the release was aired, the artist published a photo with Kirkorov Sr. and called him a hero, noting that not everyone can afford to perform in an uncomfortable and stuffy suit at this age.

“My dear Sultan! I still can’t get over the pleasant shock. Believe it or not, I really didn’t know what Bedros was under the guise of. It is a fact. My father! Just a Hero! I am proud and admired! And who will believe that Bedros will be 89 years old in the summer. It is so gorgeous to perform on stage in a stuffy mask – this is school! This is the skill! This is the level! Delight! Until now, under the wild impression. @bedroskirkorov, you are my idol! ” – wrote in his microblog on Instagram Philip Kirkorov (spelling and punctuation of the authors hereinafter are given without changes. – Noteed.).

Bedros Kirkorov in the show “Mask”

Recall that Bedros Kirkorov’s performance with the Sultan’s many-kilogram suit can in fact be regarded as a bold step. The fact is that at the end of the fall of last year, the artist was ill with a coronavirus. At first, there were rumors that the father of Philip Bedrosovich was hospitalized due to a heart rhythm disorder. However, representatives of the 88-year-old singer denied these speculations. Later it turned out that Kirkorov Sr.was taken to the hospital due to the coronavirus, due to which the star began to have heart problems. However, the doctors managed to put the celebrity on his feet. It took them a little less than a month.

Philip Bedrosovich then contacted the media, admitting that he was surprised by his father’s diagnosis, because Bedros Filippovich spent all the time at home with his grandchildren, leaving the house only occasionally. His son commented on the recovery of Kikrorov Sr. by the fact that Bedros Filippovich turned out to be a “strong man.” Dad, Philip Kirkorov noted, always had good immunity, and he supported his health with the help of simple rules: he drank a lot of water, ate vegetables and garlic.

Recall that in the third issue of the second season of “The Mask”, Banana’s identity was revealed, in which, as it turned out, Joseph Prigogine performed. After his participation in the TV project, the 52-year-old producer said that it was so difficult to move and sing on the stage of the show that at times he thought he would suffocate and die in a suit. It is noteworthy that two weeks before the start of the program, the musician had had a coronavirus and recovered for a long time after that. However, the illness to some extent helped Prigozhin to hide his participation in “The Mask” from his wife, who sits on the jury of the show. Valeria’s husband convinced her that he was leaving for physiotherapy, and at that time he was rehearsing the number.

Joseph Prigogine and Valeria in the show “Mask”

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